Okay…I got a response from my contact at Verizon, below:


Good morning, Brenda,

I had the opportunity to speak with our CEO and the business lead for Yahoo Groups. They asked me to communicate the following:

  1. We will process and handle ALL requests to download data that are submitted to us before December 14th.
  2. This means that when the date passes, we will honor those requests to ensure that everyone who made a timely request receives their data and content.
  3. We will stop making the content available or viewable from the portal, but we will not delete it until all requests submitted prior to December 14th have been completed.

We hope this alleviates some of your concerns. 

Here was my response:
To (name omitted)
Thank you for that information. However, it does not solve a number of issues. 

1. Not every Yahoo Group owner has even been notified of this upcoming change. I have had several who have just found out who never received a letter or notice. I believe we need more time, and we need a public mainstream media announcement that this is happening. I am still pursuing this dilligently and will not stop pursuing it until there is nothing left to save. 

2. The download that arrives from the request that Verizon/Yahoo provides is complicated for many users and it only gets the message archive. It is not something a regular non-techie user can handle, or understand. It’s supposed to work in Thunderbird, but it has not been doing so. There are other simpler methods people are utilizing to get this data, including scrolling and copy/paste, but they take longer and we would need more time. And the one person who can do this for a price is going at it 24/7 and is still not catching up to demand. He is overwhelmed. 

3. In addition, Verizon/Yahoo are not accounting for the fact that there are millions of photos & files that have to be downloaded manually and saved one at a time. This is taking people forever when they have multiple groups with photos & files, and even longer with a slower connection. Verizon/Yahoo’s solution of the Yahoo download does not solve this. 

4. Plus there are thousands of databases that are not being taken into account as well. They need a format to be exported to such as CSV or something.  Otherwise, decades of history and research and medical information will be lost and people will be devastated. 

5. Using Groups as a mailing list is a complete fail. The mail is inconsistent, and frequently out of order, where the messages tend to show up more consistently on the site. Currently, the posts are still appearing on site, so we are able to communicate with our members. But by mail, it is not at all effective. That is not how we use our groups. 

6. If Verizon/Yahoo deletes all the content that everyone has stored and is currently using every day on a regular basis, there will be no need for anyone to stay on your platform. Everything that mattered will be gone. And there will likely be a major public reaction by the members about having lost everything that mattered, especially if they know that Verizon knew what they are deleting and didn’t care. After all, they are already screaming and railing against Verizon/Yahoo all over the Internet as we speak. 

7. Infrastructure, such as the Ofcom telephone company in the UK will lose their working platform, as will many other government and business groups that utilize the platform daily. 

Here’s my question. What is the rush at deleting this data? Is Verizon/Yahoo running out of storage? More time would provide more opportunity to rescue the pieces that are not included in the download, as well as more public “how-to” information, and places that might be willing to process it as an import. 

Or, why can’t we just stay and use the site like we have been? Or better yet, be a hero to all and fix the broken platform? What are we doing that is so bad that you have to just delete us out of existence? 

I respectfully request that you give us some answers. I’ve been going on the assumption that Verizon didn’t know what it was deleting. But if Verizon does know that it’s about to devastate tens of thousands of lives, that’s different. 

We would much rather discuss this and work out a better solution with Verizon than continue to pursue it through the media. Has the CEO seen the site I showed you? Has the business lead for Yahoo Groups seen the site? I respectfully request some answers, and for the business lead, whomever they are, to contact me directly. 

Bottom line: even with your download process, to rescue all the photos, files, databases and more, we need more time. It can’t be done by December 14th, not even if everyone works around the clock doing it. 

Thank you for your response, I await an answer. 


Brenda Fowler 

Here is my suggestion for you all. IF you want to ensure that you have your messages in some kind of format, go ahead and use the step by step process found here:
Meanwhile, as you can see from my response, I have not stopped trying to pursue a different outcome, and will continue to do so until there is nothing left to save. 
Nightowl >8#



Well, it’s happening again. We are in danger of losing everything we’ve ever treasured on Yahoo Groups. This time there’s a bulldozer headed for us, and it doesn’t even know we’re there.  Or at least, it doesn’t know WHAT is there.  

But us Groups Users know. We know what we’ve saved here for decades. We know what we’ve sought to protect for going on 6 years. We know that Yahoo wouldn’t allow us to easily remove our content from their pages.  And we have been here, fighting to preserve that which is so precious to us, our archives, our homes, our history.

Olivia Rudgard brought it to my attention that there were even more groups out there than I had ever known about. In her article:

I learned that “A system set up by telcoms watchdog Ofcom” was in danger of being destroyed.

That inspired me to contact Olivia, to see if she would do our story. And she agreed.

Below is a preview of the plights of various groups that she covered in the story, This quote is about me:

“Brenda Fowler, 57, of St Louis, Missouri, the moderator of a group founded in 2010 dedicated to saving the groups, says Yahoo is coming to “bulldoze” the communities. “ 

She said, “There are people there who have been there for decades. There are people with model railroads and historical genealogy stuff there. There’s medical places, there were places where they communicate with doctors and nurses. There’s so much history they’re going to just destroy.”

Sarah Shapiro, 69, of Washington DC, said, “We have decades of wisdom built into files,” she says. “I don’t think that Verizon or Yahoo had any idea what they were getting rid of, that the information that they hold in their servers is of great value to myriads of people.” 



Hilary, a user from the UK (who didn’t want to give her last name), is the founder and moderator of a small group for women with disabilities and mental health issues. She said, “If you are disabled the online relationships are often the ones that you’re with more often than the real life ones, because it’s something you can deal with as and when you feel up to it.”


“Among the worst-affected, Fowler says, is a French group which has used it for adoptive families to post updates on their children. “Years and years of history” will be lost when the group is deleted. ” Deborah says, “If we lose everything I’m desperate, because it took me years to put this into every right place with the files, everything is ordered by subject, by each class.”


The bottom line?  Thousands and thousands of users will be devastated when decades of data, history, research and more disappear into oblivion on December 14th. We do not have enough time to rescue it, and it’s extremely hard to do in the first place because the platform is so broken, and Yahoo has blocked us at every turn throughout the years.

“Mark Fletcher, a software engineer who founded the startup ONElist in 1998, which later became Yahoo Groups, founded after becoming frustrated with the stagnant state of the Yahoo service. He is swamped with demand from users fleeing the old service and needing help to transfer over their files, users and settings.” He said, had received 20 times its usual demand each day since Yahoo’s announcement and was scrambling for server space.”  He has been our lifeboat, but it’s starting to really get full, and there isn’t enough time to rescue everyone…

Rescue Ship on the Horizon!

So we need your voices to help. We need everyone to do everything in their power to get our plight known to Verizon and beyond. We can’t thank Olivia enough, and we will continue to raise our voices any way we can until we are either heard or obliterated. Because without our archives, without our data, there’s nothing left here to protect, and no more reason to stay. We can find a mailing list anywhere. That’s not what Yahoo Groups are about at all. So for now, to protect our homes, we’ll stand in front of the bulldozer…until it’s over.

You can read the full article by Olivia Rudgard of the London Telegraph here:
You only have to give an e-mail address and password to register to see it for free.

Please help us tell the world that we are still here before it’s too late?

By Nightowl >8#
With quotes from Olivia Rudgard’s articles from the London Telegraph.



Verizon, you don’t understand! 
You think Groups is a desolate land.
There are more of us there than you think,
Desperately trying not to sink!

Yahoo broke us, 6 years ago,
Left us trapped in a broken down hole,
With buggy code and dysfunction,
Yet we struggled on just to function.

We cried out for help all this time,
But no one paid us nevermind.
So we stayed on our broken platform,
While trying in vain to inform,

The world that “hey, we’re still here!
Our groups are a place we hold dear!”
We prayed that Verizon would care,
If only they knew we were there!

Thousands of us now in a panic,
Sometimes even quite frantic,
When we learned that they planned to delete,
The archives that we sought to keep!

The groups that had been here for years,
The owners who fought back the tears!
The history amassed on the site,
I decided we still had to fight!

We had to make them understand,
That we aren’t just a desolate land!
Down in the darkness we thrive,
Struggle to just stay alive.

We aren’t just social chit chat,
We are used for more reasons than that!
Groups that are part of much more,
A tableau of history for sure!

Our uses would really surprise you,
DC has a listserv subscribe to,
UK has phone information,
France has adoption relations.

And there are so many more,
With message archives by the score,
And photos from years and years back,
And research, and spreadsheets, and facts!

All of which will be destroyed,
lost in the ethernet void,
Unless you stop this in its tracks,
Unless you can stave off the axe!

Cause this time a bulldozer’s headed,
right towards us as we’ve always dreaded,
And if you don’t stop it, and soon,
There’ll be nothing left but the ruins.

By Nightowl 10/22/19

You can find more information at these two URLS:








Hey all, its been awhile, but I just learned that Yahoo Groups is now going to destroy everything we hold dear.

I apologize in advance if there is any outdated info on this site. I haven’t maintained it in a long time. I just hope it can help some people get some bearings on what to do.

I also lost my graphic assistant, so the formatting and the links aren’t as pretty as everywhere else on here. But I figured this is an emergency situation that calls for haste, not looks.

I’m here to tell you there are some ways you can rescue your groups.

It is believed we have until December 14 to archive messages, photos & files posted up till October 21, then everything after that will not be on the group site and you can’t add anything to the archives or the site. So here is some info I hope will help out!

GROUPSIO  (founded by Mark, creator of OneList
If you are about to lose content from the coming #YahooGroups shutdown, you may want to consider transfer content here. It does have a cost, but you have to decide if it’s worth it.

Mark is currently requiring a Premium group for transfers from Yahoo for the first year. So it would be $220.00 for the first year (or $20.00/month for 12 months), but after that, you can downgrade to a free group if that meets your needs.

You can also create a free group at  and transfer important things yourself if that’s a good alternative. You’d send invites to all of your Yahoo Group members, and upload any files, photos, etc. you want to keep if under 1GB total.

Help spread the word about groupsio ok?

Some new resources have been found: 


If you need a quick and dirty way to #archive a #yahoogroups forum. Go to my #github. It includes support for cookies to archive private groups. @ me or @adamegriff
for help.

If there’s a LGBTQ Yahoo! Group you think should be preserved, please @ me or

 or feel free to email at admin AT I can’t guarantee we’ll get them all, but I’d like the offer to be available to those who want it.

And another resource I’ve found is this one:

This is a very good article with various options and ways to get your data saved from Yahoo Groups.

You can use PG Offline to download salvageable data from Yahoo

You can also join (temporarily or permanently, either my io group or my Yahoo group for updates on what we are finding as solutions. Here are the links for those, and it doesn’t cost anything to join either one.

There are a lot of members still on this group that are very helpful with advice, and information. It’s a good resource.

There is already a group at groups io where the bulk of my MODS & MEMBERS Yahoo group’s messages have been archived and stored. If you want to stay in contact with this YAHOO CRUSADE group after Yahoo destroys things, you can go and join there.

If anyone has any other things to add to these options, please contact me or post a comment here.

If you need to contact me directly, tweet me at:
@101Owl (I changed accounts some time back)

Hope any of this helps!

Nightowl >8#
Owner/moderator of Mods and Members Yahoo Crusade Group
Owner of Mods And Members Yahoo Crusade Blog

Urgent Update On Yahoo!


Help! The Yatanic is sinking fast!
Last updated on August 12, 2016

If you’ve been reading in here at all, you are aware that the Yahoo Classic Groups platform was crippled by the redesign which was a failure.

The Crumbling Walls Beneath NEO’s Facade

We have been stuck in a broken interface for going on 3 years now and are unable to delete the groups or memberships, so many of them remain in place looking like they are active when they’ve actually become “Ghost Groups” that are full of spam.

Yahoo Now Holding Users Hostage

This may be our last chance to save the Groups Interface. Since Verizon is now purchasing Yahoo, we are very concerned about our future. As long as Marissa Mayer remains in charge, nothing is likely to change.

We are increasingly worried, as more and more things are failing or breaking every day. Mayer continues to chip away at the core that Verizon has purchased, with her “upgrades” which are a disaster. We’re afraid she might even get rid of us all together, and no one would know the extent of what she did to us.

Recently there was an upgrade to Yahoo Instant Messenger, that is a truly awful design, and made it all but unusable. Verizon needs to be told so they can protect the platform they purchased!

Someone tell the shareholders, the investors, everyone that if something isn’t done soon, there may be nothing left to save! Verizon needs to remove Mayer and stop her from destroying the core business!

Verizon, please get some good programmers who know what they are doing, and help us repair our damaged Groups interface before we lose everything we’ve accumulated for years!

What Yahoo Was And Could Be Again… Great!

We have warned the advertisers that they are advertising to inactive groups and that on many of the groups that are active, the ads won’t even work.  Yahoo in the meantime, claims all this activity, which is non-existent.

Yahoo Users All Mad About Ads

On January 20, 2016, the Classic Groups Core platform that was already limping along badly, started breaking more. 

Post From Mods & Members Yahoo Group

It’s now August, 2016, and we are still losing functionality at an alarming rate!

I am concerned that Yahoo might be trying to close down our groups all together, and send our sites into oblivion, so no one will ever know what they did to us. They already tried once to hide the evidence:

Beware The Ides Of March

So please, someone, put our story out there and tell the public what is happening!? Just tell them we exist! Just post the link to our Crusade Blog somewhere? 

Yahoo Users Crusade Blog

People who use mail are also reporting serious problems with it. Mail is a huge part of the core business. Verizon & the general public need to know what’s happening! Please help us tell them?

For The Press

Because it feels like we’re sinking fast…and the exodus from Yahoo has stepped up its pace. I don’t know how long we can all hold on.


Nightowl >8#










What Yahoo Was…And Could Be Again — GREAT!



Feedback to Quartz on Mark Coatney’s article.

By David Halfpenny

In “Can Tumblr save Yahoo?” I think Mark has struck an absolutely fundamental point: “Yahoo isn’t an editorial entity so much as a venue in which a lot of voices interact. The problem here is that to be a great platform for users, you need to provide a great user experience.”
Although his focus was Tumblr, coincidentally Mark sums up Yahoo! Groups.
Yahoo! What?
Since it seems to be a well-kept secret:  Yahoo! Groups has hundreds of millions of users generating a vast archive of content for each other in the daily care of an unpaid yet dedicated moderator team bigger than the Chinese army.
All these people come to Yahoo! to share the things that excite and concern them, and while they are on-site, their eyeballs are in Yahoo!’s pocket (as it were).
In Groups, Yahoo has a distinctive world-leading user-magnetic property in which all the work is done for them – apart from actually manning the content data-centres. Or should I say “had”?
Naturally Yahoo! wanted to monetise this unsung gem, and naturally they wanted a great user platform, so in 2013 they assigned Yahoo! India to re-write the boring old user interface.
But because Yahoo had long since lost the source code, the keen young development team took a chance and adopted the new doctrine of ‘Coding without a Net’ ie modifying the LIVE product, untested – inflicting bug after bug, day after day, on a massive live audience – from half a world away.
Over two years later, tranches of functionality remain crippled, most heartbreakingly the godsend facility for blind and partially-sighted users to have Screens of text read out to them.
All this brought a profound backlash from users.
Millions fled to other platforms to avoid the bugs, while millions more have dropped their usage drastically.
Huge volumes of daily traffic have shifted to Facebook Groups, which (although pretty Mickey Mouse in functionality by comparison), do actually work.
When I look down the message stats for my own list of dozens of groups (i.e. thousands of members), most seem to have died on their feet.
As a moderator, I still have a user core who still have a perfectly good Groups experience. But their trick is to use Groups via email. While they don’t whinge as they never see the wretched interface bugs, they also never click on another Yahoo! property, and never see a single advert!
Ah yes, the adverts – crass, screen-hogging, annoying – exactly what Ad-Blocking was designed for! In striking contrast to Google adverts, which most people I ask don’t even notice.
So now we now have a vocal Groups community, raging against the hand that feeds them, many hoping against hope that a forthcoming retirement announcement by Marissa will somehow bring back the boring old Interface that worked.
I have a better idea:  recognising the uniqueness and power of Yahoo! Groups and managing it properly along the principles that Mark sets out for Tumblr.
For more info, go to:
Or tweet me at @featheredleader

Why the YAHOO Crusade Came to a Crashing Halt


I started the Yahoo Crusade (#2) on August 31st, 2013. It began because NEO had started affecting people, and someone came to me via the MM group (which still existed from the previous crusade) and asked me to help them again.

So we started trying to get Yahoo to stop destroying Classic Groups. We wrote Marissa, Henrique (the COO), and others at Yahoo first. Then we wrote advertisers, stockholders, and media. At one point, I was writing over 100 reporters and 150 advertisers. Then I joined Twitter, learned to tweet, and started trying to reach the media and others that way.

Along with others, I established a tweeting connection with Yahoo’s Jeff Bonforte, who was the senior vice president of communications, but he was no help. He ultimately wound up blocking us, and we gave up reaching anyone at Yahoo through him. At the beginning, I had a lot of help. We created the blog for the Yahoo Crusade, originally titled the Mods and Members Blog; people sent their stories in and we posted them.

My main WordPress editor and I (because I’m all thumbs in there) created owl and other graphics and worked tirelessly for months to make the blog what it is. Tyger and Duane worked with me, doing research and creating documents and other items for the blog. Tyger ultimately got fed up with Yahoo and left. Duane did the same, although more quietly.  I still had some people left who were helping me, but I had lost a huge chunk of my research team, and I needed that desperately.

Then my main WordPress editor’s life changed when her mother died, and she no longer stayed up all night with me working on the blog. She got a job, and although I can contact her and ask her help with it, we haven’t been able to do nearly as much as we could before, and I completely understood that. I also had several  moderators helping me with the group. Somehow down the line, I lost touch with one of them for a while. Others are still around, but some had problems with their Yahoo e-mail addresses, and I don’t know how to contact them for sure.

Tyger ultimately created our new home, MMSanctuary, on and joined there. Duane came when I contacted him and asked him, so my moderator and research team are now over there as well. Shal even allowed me to make him a moderator to help me out when I was stuck and couldn’t find Tyger, and I added another new moderator this year.

A year into the Crusade, August 2014, it was becoming apparent that we were not going to succeed in our quest this time. I had lost my research team, the reporters were getting tired of hearing mostly only from me, and I was not able to keep up the same pace as before. My elderly parents both had serious surgeries in the early part of 2014, and even though Dad was in the Veteran’s Home, there was a lot for me to handle for them. It began to take more and more of my time.

Then in August, I was fired (removed) from my piano job at the church due a huge misunderstanding about the terms of my contract. I was was actually glad in a way to not have the job because I don’t read music well and was having to do more and more to cover for Mom, who was the organist with me. However, the way it happened got my mom depressed, upset me, and caused a lot of stress.

Meanwhile, three days before I was let go from the church, Mike Brown was shot and killed in Ferguson. That set off a HUGE media firestorm and caused us a lot of issues because my mother lives between Dellwood and Ferguson. She was 84 at the time and wouldn’t move. I live only 6 miles from there and had to regularly go in and out of part of that area to get to Mom, so that became an ongoing source of stress and worry.

Then on November 11th, my mom fell, broke her hip, and went into rehab for awhile. That was before the Mike Brown verdict and the night the rioters burned down part of Ferguson, so fortunately Mom was not in the area.She got out of rehab in December, went back home, and things were finally starting to settle down some. However, she is 85 now, and we are having  communication issues, some based on memory and some based on just our own dynamic. It’s been hard, butI thought things had started to settle down a little last month. I started resolving some things with the church people (as it was coming up on a year) and making better plans on handling Mom and our problems with communication.

Also, I FINALLY started trying to get more sleep. I have been going to bed between 3 and 5 a.m. probably on average of 4 nights a week or more since I was fired. I had trouble sleeping, nightmares, and adrenaline rushes. I stayed up for hours and hours monitoring the situation in Ferguson on Twitter and became really good friends with many reporters, including some of the ones I had communication with regarding Yahoo. Since I grew up in the Ferguson/Dellwood area, I was able to direct people to escape routes when tear gas was thrown or shooting started. I warned them where the gunshots were because I watch local ordinary TV and it would break in all the time. I basically safeguarded people while monitoring how close any of the unrest was getting to Mom when she was at home.

I was developing a better sleep pattern, trying to take care of me more, and getting Mom and the church calmed down when the 1st year anniversary of Mike Brown rolled around last weekend – and all hell broke loose again. So once again I was back on Twitter monitoring Ferguson for nearly 5 nights straight until 4 or 5 a.m. before it finally calmed down again…we hope. It’s still not perfectly calm yet, but the shooting at night has not continued so far, and thank God, no one has set any more fires.

So between running out of time on my end (as I no longer had the time I had before with all this going on) and just finding myself exhausted by the end of the day, the Crusade suffered.

In order to have continued the Crusade at the peak effort I had been at, I would have needed the following:

  • A devoted research team to find articles and the reporters’ contact information for me,
  • A group of people willing to help write/send letters to reporters/advertisers/executives because I no longer had enough time to do it on my own anymore,
  • Someone very experienced in WordPress with enough time to fill in when my main editor couldn’t,
  • A Twitter team to spread tweets far and wide because I couldn’t do it on my own, and
  • Someone to create a viral video for us that might have managed to get more of the public’s attention.

I had none of this. I had a skeleton research team, and I’m proud of them. I had my main editor whenever she could help me, but I also knew she had to get a job and lead a different life now. I had a few people who agreed to write letters, but it wasn’t enough. I had very few Twitter helpers. I had no one to make a viral video, and I didn’t know how.

I asked repeatedly for help in the group, and got help here and there, but I didn’t get a lot; mostly I got the impression that everyone was done trying to fight Yahoo. So we refocused our direction on finding a new home but even that was daunting to do alone. I needed people to check out each new site and give me feedback about them or write a post for me to put on the blog, but it never happened. I needed people to help me explain what we needed and why, and I got a little help with that. We did a post on the blog and we listed our issues. That was a post asking for help in creating a new site for the Yahoo refugees – and along came Mark. 🙂

So you see, that’s where the Crusade wound up. That’s why it crashed to a nearly grinding halt, and I don’t know what else to do to get it jump-started again or if it even has enough power to jump-start. My fervor for the cause has not diminished, not even slightly, but my ability to sustain what I had been doing has been reduced dramatically.

I thank everyone who fought this fight, and we decided to leave the group and the blog here for those who want to continue fighting and those who want help leaving Yahoo.

With respect and gratitude to all of you for all you’ve done,
Nightowl >8#
Owner/Moderator of Mods & Members