yatanic2It was the year 2010,
And we’d had a long fight.
But VP Jim Stoneham
Saved us from our plight

He made us a promise
That wonderful day,
And told us our Classic Groups
Could stay!

We’d barely missed the iceberg
The first time around
And all breathed a sigh
When we didn’t run aground.

We’d had smooth sailing,
And life was just grand
But we didn’t know,
Yahoo’s sinister plan

So one day we woke up
To sheer devastation
And found what they’d done
To our own creation!

Our home page pictures
Had all  been replaced,
And that was just one of
The horrors we faced!

Our photos were scrambled
Our archives were gone
Moderation was broken,
I could go on and on….

At first we were puzzled,
Cause we didn’t know
What was going on,
So off did we go

To the Feedback thread,
There to voice our concern,
And ask what had happened,
The answers to learn.

It took them some time,
To finally admit,
You’re part of a test,
And you’re stuck in it.

A test? we all cried,
None of us had,
Agreed to be part of,
And they said, too bad.

Then the complaints
Grew to thousands of posts
As more and more members
Racked up the votes,

“Say no to Neo,”
We all shouted as one,
But no one listened
And nothing was done.

As time went on,
We learned just how bad
This Neo mess was,
And that we’d all been had.

This interface failed
For the sick and disabled,
It caused them such stress,
Their groups were all tabled

And the elderly cried,
“What on earth are you thinking?
We can’t manage this,
And our spirits are sinking!”

The comments were mounting,
In the feedback thread,
And many just left, cause
Their groups were all dead.

Then they started deserting,
In the thousands they left,
Deleting their groups,
And feeling bereft.

I saw this disaster,
And called out to them,
Hey, come on over,
Let’s try this again!

So like before, members
All flocked to my group,
And I  made them a plan,
To get them in the loop.

E-mail the execs,
And write the CEO,
Just tell them to stop,
This awful NEO

Then we sent US mail,
E-mailed and tweeted,
Facebooked them too,
But our pleas were not heeded.

So we readied our lifeboats,
And made some hard choices,
In case no one listened
To all of our voices

And now we stand ready
To leave if we must
And let them destroy
Our groups into dust….

But we’re still holding on
To that hope, dare we think,
Because if we don’t,
The Yatanic will sink!

By Nightowl >8#                      September 9, 2013

Owner of http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/modsandmembers/


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