Naveed was brought to my attention in late September, by Nubia, someone who had lost 29,000 members from her 38,000 member group.

He had posted in the “Feedback Trench” about how Neo had rendered his group useless. The group has 500,000 members.

I’ll let you read his story, and then explain some things afterwards.


yahoo group is moving in wrong direction……. i feel sorry for you yahoo developer team

i am owner of nidokidos group having 500000 + members

i am so much hopeless with the NEO interface of yahoo group and i reject it totally. its a disaster.

the classic version of yahoo group required a lot of improvements , and i was waiting for those improvements to be done , but yahoo group started moving in opposite direction , towards disaster….for example.

1) yahoo group need to get rid of open groups , they are just baskets of spams , their existence was giving bad name to yahoo group

2) yahoo group need to improve the attachment viewing problem , the first picture of yahoo group was always missing and placed on 2nd one. the problem stayed forever in yahoo group , and then we saw NEO was launched.

3) i have many more suggestions for yahoo groups classic , so that yahoogroup can generate more results with less resources but …..NEO is launched , we moved yahoo group towards disaster, we do not need NEO , neo is having so many problems that i can list it out here.. here are few.

A) emails are getting merged

B) emails are washed….GONE… cant find where they gone

C) no HTML view/ edit 😦

D) no view to embeded images , i cant see what i am going to approve….what a disaster

E) no option to save the work after editing, so that we can approve it later after verifying

F) i cant see whether an email is having HTML body with it or not , or it is text only 😦

G) emails are sorted like never before , i select some emails and then i see a lot of more mess waiting for me….

H) i wonder who asked for the NEO interface and what was the purpose.

i suggest yahoo kindly return back to yahoo group classic , we will give a lot of good suggestions to improve its performance in less resources. kindly consider my request.


Someone on my group investigated this, and wondered why there were almost no posts. 500,000 members, and not many posts?

Here is what she found:

“The group there… if you join is not a “Posting Group”.  By that I mean, the group was designed as an e-mail list. You join and you become a recipient of e-mail from Nidokidos, They track interesting things on the web and send mail out to the group members who have signed up to receive it.

Now the new format has apparently changed their abilities. The messages they formerly sent out contained HTML code that is now being stripped out somehow, making a group of over half a million rather defunct. They still have their own website ( and a Facebook group where they are continuing, but for all intents and purposed they are no longer using the Yahoo Group now. This is why the Owner was complaining at the Feedback forum in the first place.”


Naveed is still here for now…but if something doesn’t change, the yahoo group remains inactive and unusable, and no one could expect him to keep it.

Nightowl >8#


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