Stories From The Trench # 1

trench owl1


Anonymous commented

October 12, 2013 11:05 am 

Our group’s gone dark. Too much hassle, too difficult, unpleasant, people hate the degeneration in usability and the loss of what we had. There is equal hatred on many lists I visit of Yahoo Neo mail.

Yahoo Customer Care have a simply brilliant way to respond to my emails pointing out technical errors: I think it probably comes close to gaslighting as a technique. They reply with standard letters that in no way at all address what I said or answer my questions and have nothing whatever to do with my mail. When I finally get too frustrated to bother replying, I get the cheerful email saying ‘you have not replied in 72 hours, so we’re marking you status solved’. I have replied twice saying ‘no, not solved, I’ve quit in despair as you won’t actually talk to me’. I get another standard letter. If I don’t reply, they solve me again. I quit, this firm does not have an ounce of sanity remaining, they care about nothing but their statistics which are falsified – certainly my ‘solved’ is falsified and they know it.

Like Google, like Facebook, they chase the ad companies and are willing to do whatever makes them spend: this means shafting the users as hard as you can without conscience. As a user you can have no privacy, you can have no opinions, forget at no point that you have no rights and are cattle to be turned into money. There is no ethics anywhere in this. They do not care how you felt about your groups. They are happily ignoring these thousands of mails without qualm. They do not care about your communities in the slightest. They are irrelevant to Mayer and co. That tells me all I need to know about them.

I am not only giving up on my groups, I will never at any point ever touch again anything with Yahoo’s logo on it. The injury I might have understood had you been honest or attempted to take your users with you. The insult….. as a consumer, believe me, I will never forget this and neither will thousands of others. The only way I can retaliate is by making sure you never get another penny out of me.


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