CAN’T TAKE IT ANYMORE WITH YAHOO GROUPS by Raymond from Normandeau Newswire


Can’t take it anymore with Yahoo Groups.

In preparation to deleting some Groups I decided to close some polls.

Yahoo is not allowing me to close polls. This is Groups where I moderate and create polls.

Out of curiosity I went to
to see if I could delete that recent poll and I can NOT.

I do NOT WANT TO DELETE it, I was just curious to see if ability was missing. And sure enuff it is missing.

Can you even delete Groups right now?

This reminds me of dating sites that got into trouble with Federal Trade Commission for keeping profiles of people who had tried to leave the site and charging based on all the profiles there.

I am setting myself up for only SPECIAL NOTICES here and after that becomes effective I will not longer be an active participant.

I told Yahoo concierge that communicating with them is like trying to swim in quicksand.

This month I was told that Windows XP was no longer supported and that my browser, FireFox 24, was outdated.
I was tweeted and asked for more.

So ….

Remember, whether you own a Group or post to Groups you are supplying editorial material or causing editorial material to be provided to Yahoo for free so that they can sell ads.

Whether TV, Radio, print media or the web, editorial [or entertainment material is needed] as CHEAPLY AS POSSIBLE.

If you call in to radio talk shows, you are supplying material for free. But let me let you in on a little secret. On the big city stations like NYC some callers get a special number to call in on so that they don’t get a busy signal. They supply more valuable talk. They could be politicians, celebrities or whatever. But they are supplying free material which is considered more valuable then the material supplied by nut cases calling in.

But value is placed on good content.

Reality TV shows cost more to produce but the subjects/talent is as low priced as you can get.

Then there is the scripted shows, movies etc, where everyone gets union pay, whether SAG/AFTRA, IATSE etc.

All above either get sold as shows to an audience that pays, or ads are sold to view the shows or listen to the talk shows.

Newspapers need editorial material. Some they get for free as press releases, some they pay for by paying reporters. Some reporters may get as little as twenty-five dollars a column. Some may write for free for the common good.

I have written for pay and written for free.

But I never deluded myself. Money was being generated by the editorial material that I and others provided. Maybe from ads sales or subscription sales or single copy sales.

Some publications that I wrote for:
may have suggested that I provide more opinions,
cover a larger geographic area,
caused me to telephone to ask “when will I get my check”
but none of them tried to make me look like a fool as Yahoo has by suggesting
“outdated unsupported operating system” when I am using Win XP
“outdated browser” when I am using FireFox 24
“try our trouble shooting tips”.

Oh… and Yahoo told me to forget about my smartphone, Neo Groups won’t ever work there at all. How are blind people with voice synthesizers doing? Hmm … ADA compliance? Are Yahoo Groups a place of public accommodation? Maybe only ADA lawyers can answer that. Or the advertisers.

Without the content of the Yahoo Groups, Yahoo could not get advertisers to pay to place ads on those Groups.

Now here is food for thought:

In Sept 2010 at its “Product Runway” event, Yahoo told reporters that Yahoo! Groups has 115 million group members and 10 million Yahoo! Groups.[37]

115/10 is one Yahoo Group for EVERY twelve Yahoo members!!

How many eyeballs look at ads in these Groups?

How many of these Yahoo Groups are spam graveyards or spam spawn grounds that no eyeballs visit to view the paid-for ads?

How many are like that because moderators gave up on some Groups, maybe because
“total delete from site after 24 hours in clipboard”
does not work or other problems?

Yahoo should be grateful for people supplying or moderating [editors] material instead of kicking the owners and moderators in the teeth.

Normandeau Newswire


One thought on “CAN’T TAKE IT ANYMORE WITH YAHOO GROUPS by Raymond from Normandeau Newswire

  1. Thank you, Raymond, that was very educational re editorial material & radio talk shows, etc.! It did not occur to me that posters to YGs were providing “free editorial material” to Yahoo (though I should have realized that).

    So, basically, Yahoo is . . . providing the “free location” for us . . . to post our info; & then . . . Yahoo collects all the dough & beats up on the . . . [users] in the process. :-/

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