I discovered Geoff’s situation in September.  I went back and read how he had been slowly  becoming more and more depressed and angry and how much damage losing his support group to Neo was causing him. I have been especially worried for him as time continues on with no relief in sight. Here is his story:


GeoffH  commented  ·  August 29, 2013 11:06 am  ·

Well, well well.

Just had one of my posts criticizing the new NEO deleted by Yahoo!

All the criticism must be getting to them, and shows just how pig headed they have become.

I’ve now given up on YahooGroups and the whole company.

Been with them since the early ’90s.

I just hope that the advertisers and shareholders are made aware of just how much damage Marissa Mayer has done by sanctioning this utter disaster.

Geoff – Yahoo is now history as far as I’m concerned!


GeoffH  commented  ·  August 31, 2013 11:09 pm

From the total and utter disdain that Marissa Mayer is showing us, Yahoo’s biggest asset, she and her team have dug their heels in, and doing to Groups what her predecessor/s did to Mail, and look what happened to them!

They are ALL a note in history for their abject incompetence.

It would appear that this CEO thinks that behaving like a politician by ignoring history is the way to garner friends.

I ditched all of my previous YahooMail accounts, from the early ’90s, when they where hijacked due to Yahoo’s total incompetence with regards to security.

Guess where I went Ms Mayer?

Google gained my custom.

I wonder why?

I’m up for change, but ONLY if it’s of any benefit for ME, and certainly not for some ego trip by some new CEO!

GeoffH – I keep hoping Yahoo sees the light, but I’m not holding my breath.


Mr. Bonforte,  (reposted by Owl 9/17/13)

Seeing that Yahoo is obviously determined to ignore what it has done to the Groups, I feel it is now time to tell the world about my circumstance and why I used the Groups. I suffer from an incurable form of cancer.

Although it is controlled to a certain extent by medication, the cancer WILL eventually KILL me, with the side effects of treatment having a disastrous effect on my quality of life. GOOD days and BAD days cannot adequately describe what my life is like now. Before NEO I WOULD use the specific cancer support group to give me the strength to battle on during my bad days.

Yahoo by implementing NEO, and by implication YOU, are now ACTIVELY DISCRIMINATING against me, a CANCER SUFFERER, by deliberately destroying my easy access to a support group! Something that I relied on has gone! Let your conscience be my judge.

Do YOU really WISH to go down in history as someone who not only supported, but actively participated in this type of discrimination?

I should mention that I use a different email address for the Cancer groups.

GeoffH – A moderately good day.


GeoffH  commented  ·  October 13, 2013 5:52 am

Owl and all fighting this NEO abomination, a little of my use until now of the Groups.

I’ve been fighting cancer since February 2007 and suffering from the usual side effects.

Just before Mayer destroyed the Groups with NEO, I started to get my energy back and was looking forward to making a start on building my miniature steam traction engine, for which I bought the castings in 2006, and HAD been using the ‘samson_builders’ group to help me plan what to do.

This Groups’ membership comprised of all those who have either made or are makinging this miniature traction engine and they have the knowledge as to how to set-up parts that require complicated machining, on either a lathe and milling machine.

Then along comes Mayer with her NEO, the result being that she has the honour of sending me into relapse as the one and only resourse that WAS capabable of helping me concentrate on something good, building the steam engine and taking my mind of the cancer, has now been DESTROYED together with ALL the other support Groups I used.

It makes me sad to think that a mother, with a young baby, can be so uncaring.

I just hope she does not treat her own child in the same way that she is doing with the Group users and employees, as that young child deserves better.

Keep up the work Owl and others fighting this tyranny, but I unfortunetely, doubt if the Groups will ever be the same again.

At least I had a kind offer of help from someone in Holland who offered to help after I posted why I had stopped using the Groups.

There ARE kind people in this world, but Mayer in NOT one of them.

GeoffH – A week lost, as unable to do anything.



I am increasingly worried for Geoff every day. I pray for him every night, and if I get a chance, I get down into the Feedback Trench and see if he posted or not. I so wish I could help him and all the others who are suffering from the way Neo has taken a toll on their lives.


2 thoughts on “STORIES FROM THE TRENCH #2

  1. Owl & everyone fighting the !yahoo tyranny,
    I’m still around and hoping, really beyond hope I’m beginning to think, that the idiots in charge at !yahoo will come to their senses.
    I’ve been spending time in my workshop focussing on making accessories for my machine tools, and that has taken my mind off of my problem thankfully.
    Keep the pressure up on !yahoo.

    GeoffH – Waiting for the painkillers to take effect so that I can get into the workshop

  2. Owl,
    Hope my previous posts have helped.
    Mayer appears h*ll bent on destroying Yahoo where all previous CEOs failed!
    I’m in the UK and willing to help you in any way possible.
    Cannot do too much, as I’m back on medication after stopping for a while due to side effects.
    Have spent the last 6 months slowly organising the 60+ drawers in the Workshop and finished at last. I was spending more time looking for tools compared to using.
    GeoffH – Just started roasting my own coffee beans (LEKKER!)

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