Stories From The Trench #3

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The letter I sent to over 30 media sites last night  – Fri Sep 20, 2013 2:59 pm

Yahoo Group Users Are Growing Despondent, Suicidal, Due To Neo!

The situation with Yahoo Groups has now become critical. With no indication of releasing their users from this revamped Neo Interface hell, people are now
contemplating suicide, and becoming terribly despondent.

After languishing in the Yahoo Groups Feedback trenches for over a month with no response from Yahoo, the Yahoo Groups Community is suffering great loss and heartbreak. Some are even talking about suicide.

Hilary, The Dragon, posted this in my group

“Re: [modsandmembers] New item for the list

Posted By: dragonsteeluk
… being disabled and stuck at home, unable to type some days (oh and Dragon Naturally Speaking doesn’t work with Neo *grrrr*) the groups are my lifeline and stop me being so suicidal that I will actually kill myself (easy to do I am anaphylactic to peanuts and tree nuts – so a bag of dry roasted peanuts and no
more me) ”
Bill Southerland, someone who is desperately ill with Neurofibrimatosis, put these comments in the Feedback Trenches “September 19, 2013 5:04 pm

This is the 3rd time trying to post a comment. This new format, and I’m sorry sucks. I don’t know what the **** I’m doing. Posting-every thing. I’ve lost all my members, Everything that was set up on the left side of the screen. Members, Postings, #of members in our group founded and so on. This *****. Iv’e lost everybody that I have gotten to know. People who help me in time of need. This is a debilateing disease. Sometimes causing death. How do you like that last word. ”DEATH”.

Look it up I dare you. It’s spelt NEUROFIBRIMATOSIS. … You say that you care about us, the users. Well let’s see for sure how much you really care about us!”
And those stuck in the depths of “We Care About You” Hell, are trying to comfort one another.

Laurence commented to Bill Southerland: “Bill, you have friends here. Yahoo has wreaked my two Groups. One of my members wants to shoot himself because I closed the groups due to NEO. The blood will be on Yahoo’s hands.”

OWL: I have been in these Groups Feedback trenches for days on end, trying to encourage these users, trying to help them tell their stories, and trying as hard as I can to get some help for these devastated people. All the while, Yahoo simply ignores us.
I am Nightowl >8#, the owner of the Yahoo Mods and Members Group, and we have been mounting an offensive against this NEO Group interface. Because it DOES NOT WORK. And that’s only one of its problems.

People who have been on Yahoo Groups for years have suddenly had their lives totally disrupted without warning, years and years of data irretrievably lost, or so Yahoo says, photos and artwork destroyed and replaced, and for what reason? Oh, we needed to change Classic Groups, they were broken.

BROKEN? Classic Groups have been going strong a long time, and even if they had their problems now and then, nothing justifies randomly Neoizing these users and throwing them helplessly into the depths of NEO Hell.

What happened to Beta Testing? Volunteers? Direction and warning? Nada. Nothing. They instead took random users, neoized them and forced them into guinea pig mode so that they would see the NEO interface, which does not work. Even worse, it would never be able accommodate disabled, elderly, ill, etc. And won’t even work on a mobile platform, despite being created for that reason.

These people deserved more! Yahoo Groups was a loyal community of users, that maintained their own little corners of Yahoo, and created Ad space and traffic. And all of a sudden, they don’t matter.

I think we are entitled to ask, no, to protest loud and long until, Classic Mode is restored for everyone long enough or them to archive all their photos, files, important data, connect with their members and friends and make other arrangements to contact them.

And I plan to screech loud and long for that right for everyone, until someone, anyone hears me.

Just imagine someone coming to your home in the middle of the night, and setting fire to it while you are still inside, and you managing to wake up just in time to escape but with nothing of yours that you valued in the way of memorabilia.

Yahoo NEO came to our “homes” It crept up in the night, it lit a blazing fire at the base of them and stood back and watched it burn, while people scrambled in all directions to get to safety.

With this heinous and unethical act, Yahoo devastated thousands and thousands of people’s lives, destroyed many’s life’s work, and ground it all under the shiny heel of Marissa Mayer’s Neo shoe.

We deserved better, and the world will know that. I promise you!

Nightowl >8#
P.S. You may reprint anything in this letter or from my group.


One thought on “Stories From The Trench #3

  1. Okay – update time. NEO is still bad, I have left the majority of my groups (including ones for depression, etc.) as I wasn’t getting messages, I couldn’t reply to some messages, and so on. The groups I used to run I have now set up on Facebook as a temporary measure and another group I am in has set up a forum based chat group (I understand the yahoo group is still there but only has half a dozen members that didn’t want to/couldn’t afford to pay an annual subscription).

    Classic groups WORKED and was easy for me to deal with. I have now lost touch with some of the people who were my support network, but hey they don’t bring money on so why should Yahoo be bothered 😦

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