Impact on my largest group

strsshootPosted By: fc_jenn
Wed Sep 18, 2013 3:17 pm  |

I run a pretty-good sized Freecycle group in Ohio and I have lost a lot more
members than usual and activity is down over 50%. Imagine how many items that would have passed on to those who could use them may now end up in the trash. I won’t list every problem with Neo because they’ve been well-documented by others.

We have members who joined Yahoo (or just even using the internet more) specifically to be involved with Freecycle. We have experienced web-users and senior citizens who don’t do a lot online.

One of my co-mods initially thought she might have gotten hit with some virus or malware as I hadn’t been Neo’d…yet.

Personally, I’ve been with Groups since eGroups and my Freecycle group will turn 10 in November and have @ 18,000 members. A *decade* of recycled items. Since July 2004, when we really started picking up in activity, I can count on one hand how many times there were fewer than 1,000 posts in a month. While there is the expectation of a short delay, delays in posts hitting the Messages area or email 9, 12 or 24 hours later is unacceptable. I had one member whose post was approved @7.30am and it did not come through until 3.30am the NEXT morning.

A *decade* of getting our group into a decently well-oiled machine and tuned procedures in place. We rely on the ability to be able to add a note on pending posts we need to return because they don’t conform to our guidelines for one reason or another. A blanket “reject” and not knowing if it returns it to the sender without explanation or just deleting it doesn’t cut it. Neither does the ability to edit information in the post (minor format tweaks, or editing out excessive personal information).

Overriding a group’s default reply-to setting… WHY? Our group is set to reply to sender, NOT the group. We had replies going to the group, some with personal contact info and not everyone wants 18K people to have their phone number.

Too many clicks of the mouse decreases the amount of interaction of users. This was a specific point and reasoning discussed regarding my employer’s donation page: Get your user where they need to go via the shortest route. Three clicks just get to pending message approvals is ridiculous and not conducive to moderating properly.

Activity logs/pending member list: our mods need to be able to effectively and easily search the post history of members by their email or ID with a search box. Not to have to scroll down to include a certain time frame and then search using the browser’s search function. It’s not conducive.

Same thing for membership logs if I’m trying to troubleshoot a member’s issue before I send them to the abyss of Yahoo Help. It’s not conducive.

Signing in (whether this has been corrected, I have not tested): if I sign under my “master” ID, but moderate under a secondary ID and make a change to a file or something else, my master ID should not be shown as the author.

Yahoo has disappointed us in the fact it didn’t beta test more before rolling out a barely-functional product. Or offer an opt-out of the experiment. In my opinion, Neo is a failure.

Classic view worked (mostly, certainly MUCH more than it does now). YGroups is a list-serve, not another Facebook. If all our declining numbers continue, there may be serious consideration of closing or moving the group off Yahoo.

Thank you for your time in reading this.



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