Behind all the broken groups and despairing users lies a quiet story of dogged determination to make Yahoo! Groups work once again. It is driven by care and respect for the massive repository of information contained within the roughly ten million Yahoo! Groups and for the many millions of Users for whom Yahoo! Groups are a lifeline under threat.

At Yahoo! there is a team collecting and ranking individual User Feedback while, out in the Yahoo! Community, expert Users are collating a Status Report on how the product performs in use.

The official Feedback Forum allows individual Users to make suggestions and other users to Vote and Comment on each one. Meanwhile Yahoo! staff consider each Suggestion, make comments of their own, and show its current Status within Yahoo!’s development team.

The list is currently 153 webpages long, which is comprehensive but unwieldy.

Fortunately the community Status Report gives a succinct summary in just two web pages. It sets out sober facts under non-emotive headings: what has happened, how to cope, what’s different, and what still needs doing.

If you are struggling with Neo, this is the place to start looking for information. We hope that it is helping Yahoo!, too.

Find the official Yahoo! Groups Feedback Forum at:

Find the community Yahoo! Groups Neo Status Report at:

David Halfpenny



  1. According to Yahoo, there are almost 14 million groups. I’m sure some of these have been abandoned and are nothing more than Spam mills now, but I bet they charge advertisers based on the total number. There are also several very large groups that have changed to other sites, but the groups and members are included in the Yahoo count.
    Unfortunately, you can only see the number of groups if you haven’t been NEO’d or are using the modplugin in Firefox.


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