The following post comes to us from Dean in Canada.  He has asked us to share this with you.


I live in Montreal, Quebec and I am an Anglophone-only person living in a society that goes to great lengths to ban the use of English and use only French.  Due to being totally tone deaf and over 50, learning a new language was not really possible due to stress. I am also battling depression, plus dealing with chronic pain in my upper back and neck from a bad fall a few years back. Yahoo and the groups I am on for a couple of my hobbies help me feel connected to world because the groups are in English.  This connection gave me a reason to get up many days when, with the pain and being depressed, I would rather have stayed in the bed.

A year ago I started chatting with someone who was very knowledgeable about a certain make of sewing machine I liked.  I asked him why he did not open a group for this brand of sewing machine.  He replied he was not good enough with the computer to set up a group.  However if I wanted to start a group he would be happy to share his knowledge.  Since I have been using computers since back in the days of DOS, I set about opening a group.  While the group is not large (about 50 members), it was fairly active and something I enjoyed.  Same with my other groups for sewing machines and the groups for vintage kitchen mixers, percolators, and some other groups for certain appliances.

On Fri. August 23, 2013 my world came crashing down, as it was about 1:10PM when I was NEOized.  I know the time as shortly before 1PM I was on a group home-page to post to the group and check something in the files.  I thought at first something was messing up in my computer.  I posted a message asking if Yahoo was acting up on the mixer group or if it was my computer.  I had a message minutes later that it must be my computer as she went to groups home page and things were fine.  I started doing all the things I could think of to check what was happening to my MacBook.  A hour or so later I got a message from the owner of the mixer group saying it was not me; he was having the same issues.  Shortly thereafter the owner of the first sewing machine group I joined messaged saying she was having issues and anyone who had “NEO” in the address of the group was having issues and those who showed the address without “NEO” were fine.

I tried contacting Yahoo the first of the following week since nothing improved over the weekend.  It took several times before I was able to get someone to return a call.  That lady was nice, listened to what I told her, made note that I was using a Mac and what OS I was running, and assured me that Yahoo cared and would work with me to correct the issues.  I got an email back outlining what we had talked about and that the Yahoo team would help me solve the issues.

Well, I started getting emails telling me to install and run certain things.  I was told to upgrade the version of Safari and Firefox I was running and it would be better still to install and run Goggle Chrome.  Well, if they were as computer savvy as they made out to be, they would have known that on a Mac your browser is tied to your OS.  I was running the newest versions of Safari and Firefox that would run on my OS Tiger.  As for Google Chrome, it was never made to run on Tiger.  However, installing and running the other things that were suggested, I lost the ability to get into my groups at all.  I could not even approve new members for my group or ones that I moderate on.  I could not get past the home page as it would never finish loading, so no going into files, photos, or links for me.

I emailed Yahoo giving them the specs for my computer and browsers again and saying their canned replies did not work on my system.  I waited several days and nothing, so I sent another email with the same information.  I had a reply in less than 3 minutes saying they had provided me all the information needed to solve the issues I was having.   Since I did not follow their directions they had closed the case and not to email them again.  Well, back on the phone again, and after being hung up on a few times, I finally got someone from groups and she told me that NEO was not designed to run on older systems, be it Mac or PC – that there were too few who used older systems and it was not worth the cost to make NEO work on them and that there was no reason for anyone to have an older computer these days as the cost of computers is so affordable.

As you may have guessed, all this has left me very depressed, which in turn makes the chronic pain worse.




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