Groups of Many Colors


This song is a tribute of sorts to the temporarily missing Yahoo Groups Classic interface; I say temporarily missing because I believe that Yahoo will realize that Neo is, and has been since the beginning, a waste of development time and will restore Classic in some form to us. I wrote most of the song in a few hours’ time while at work, though part of it simply would not come to me, and I finally asked Nightowl for some advice on how to complete the song; I thank her for the wording she suggested and have tried to keep everything correct. The tune I wrote it for is the Dolly Parton classic, “Coat of Many Colors.”

Back through the years
I go wandering once again,
Back to the seasons of Yahoo!
I recall the Clubs and Groups that they gave us
And how Owners put those Groups to use.
There were Groups of many colors
and they started small,
But there were no problems then
Cause Yahoo! loved them all.
We gathered all together
to build our homes with love,
And our groups of many colors
that we were so proud of.

One morning when I woke up,
I found my group had changed
Gone were the many colors
I’d so carefully arranged.
My Group it lay in ruins;
It destroyed my happiness,
And my heart just sank to see it
Cause it was quite a mess.

The Groups of Many Colors
that neo took away from me
Made only with love
and we gave it so gladly.
Although we made no money,
we were happy as can be
With our groups of many colors
that neo took away from me.

With a great deal of frustration
and determined fortitude,
For my groups of many colors
I headed for the great Yahoo
And found many more like me complaining
to them “uselessly”
about the groups of many colors
neo took away from me.
Yahoo couldn’t understand
why I was being such a stick
Although I told of all the love
in every single click.
I sadly read the stories of groups
and why they closed
And how our groups of many colors
were worth more than “cold neo.”

They couldn’t understand
though we try to make them see,
Yahoo will be poor
if all Group users leave.
Although we make no money,
we’re happy as can be
With our groups of many colors
that neo took away from me.
Yes, we’re all “me.”


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