I’ve been thinking about the stubborn attitude Yahoo has had about the Neo vs Classic argument. And I started to wonder, when did the word classic ever become a bad word? Never, in my book.

Classic cars are revered and admired, for example. I know; I drive one, and everyone yells out their window that they want to buy my car. I’m not kidding. I have a blue, 1968 Plymouth Fury Commando III, 383-V-8, 2-door car named Sapphire. She’s a classic.

And she’s not pristine and pretty, either. She’s got rust here and there, a dent or two in the bumper, a ripped fender, and a few scrapes and bangs. On the outside, she isn’t that pretty to look at, not when you compare her with the fancy classic cars at the car shows.

But here’s the secret — she doesn’t HAVE to be pretty to be good. Under that rusty, dented exterior, she drives like a dream. New engine, new carburetor, brake systems, gas lines, muffler, and exhaust system, etc., etc.  All new, and all guaranteed for life by Dobbs Auto, (much to their dismay). There isn’t much on her that hasn’t been fixed or replaced by them. ; )

She starts in sub-zero temps in the morning when other cars won’t. She gets me where I need and want to go when I can’t use the 2007 Charger. She passes her routine inspections without a hitch most times. She is a durable, reliable automobile.

And she is a CLASSIC.

So let’s look at Classic Groups.  They have been around since they were OneList. They have stood the test of time. They have been renamed, rebuilt, tweaked, changed hands, changed looks, and they kept right on working. Reliable, steady, and functional. That never changed.

Until Neo. Switching Classic to Neo is something like my suddenly switching out my Plymouth for a Honda Civic. They have virtually nothing in common other than the fact they are both automobiles. Sure, the Honda gets better gas mileage, may look shinier, might even maintain and be insured for less.

But the Honda could never be my 1968 Plymouth. It could never replace it, duplicate the feel of that heavy car underneath me, give me that sense of security that my car is strong enough to protect me in a crash. (My dad’s 1968 Dodge Polara was rear-ended by an ambulance going at high speed. The ambulance was trashed in front. My dad had two scrapes in the rubber bumper points of his car.)

Likewise, Neo can never protect me the way Classic does because Classic is stable. I don’t care if it has problems now and again; it has NEVER been as unstable as Neo has been. Neo is a minefield of maneuvers, guesswork, and persistence. Classic just sits there and does the job. Which would you rather have?

The Powers-That-Be at Yahoo are so clueless that they do not realize the value of the property they have called Classic. If they did, they would bend over backwards to upgrade it properly. They would duplicate everything that was there with newer software and make it the Pride of their Company, the Classic Showpiece that it could be.

I haven’t been able to locate it yet, but during the crusade of 2010, where we were able to roll back the remodel, someone wrote a sales pitch for a great new group concept for Yahoo. It was excellent, detailed, and positive. After they shared or posted it somewhere, they then revealed it was a simple pitch for what was already Classic Groups.

Yahoo has a priceless gem on their hands; they just don’t know it. We could help them, though. We could teach them that Classic Groups, if handled right, could be the crown jewel in their company. They just have to take it out of the trash first and give it back.

By Nightowl >8#



  1. It’s because classic is thought of as junk, something you toss in the trash, but what’s better your old worn pair of jeans, tennis shoes or neo ones. Of course, the old comfortable pair is better, than the bright, fancy neo ones as is the comfortable familar classic groups versus the neo shiny one. Who cares about bells and whistles if it doesn’t work? Not me and many others that can’t use neo ygroups or neo ymail.

  2. Yahoo keeps insisting that it’s junk, as Anonymous says, but in reality, the clean, simple look of Classic is the basis of any reasonably successful website. I am a member of an art site called deviantART (http://www.deviantart.com), which has had the same basic interface for the 4 years that I’ve been a member there, and the Gallery (which is the equivilent of the Yahoo Groups Photo section) looks almost exactly the way that Groups Photos would work best, in my opinion.

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