The Crumbling Walls Beneath Neo’s Facade


I have not told people much about how Neo has affected me. I’m not sure why, except maybe that I am not as severely affected as others. But the bottom line is that Neo has made everything 2 or 3 times as stressful in regard to Yahoo and the Internet for everyone.

Yahoo would have you believe that Neo is a shiny new interface that is just awesome and surpasses everything else, but in truth, it just had a sloppy coat of shiny paint thrown on it and then was slapped on top of Classic.

Yahoo would have you believe that Neo was created for mobile devices and that it is just wonderful, when the truth is it doesn’t work on mobile devices at all. It’s a major fail.

Yahoo would have you believe that Neo is being accepted and loved by all, or most, Yahoo users, but it’s simply not true. Group Users called for a return to Classic for 3 months in what I call the Feedback Trench (The Yahoo Uservoice) and were not heeded. 56,270 votes are currently on the top topic down there, with 6,135 comments, and that number changes by the second.

In the Mail trench, some Yahoo Mail users are convinced they will be heard, because they now have 95,492 votes  and 8,354 comments to return mail to classic in their top topic. Others know better and have just up and left. Yes, I know, that’s only one user gone per post. But what if I told you that there were 385 pages of those comments?

One user on October 8th posted:

>>Anonymous commented · October 8, 2013 8:36 am
Oh, I pay and I’m still getting the same lousy problems you are complaining about. Time to find a new email server.<< That was on October 8th, the last comment on page #385.

What if I told you that on every page I have looked at so far, there is at least one paid mail subscriber either complaining or leaving? PAID mail subscribers are revenue for Yahoo. They make a difference in the bottom dollar. AND THEY ARE LEAVING. If I had time tonight, which I don’t, I would go down and count EVERY single post where a user is leaving and give you that count. Just trust me when I say there isn’t a page of comments down there where someone isn’t talking about it.

Here is another comment:

>>Anonymous commented · October 8, 2013 5:53 pm
We are a large real estate firm established since 1948 in New York. I’ve favored Yahoo as it had a simple format. NOW you guys made a big mess of this site and I have 156 people angry and wasted a whole day going to other providers!! Get it back the way it was!!.From NY to California,from Grand Rapids to Galveston,TX I’ve heard the same thing….CHANGE YAHOO BACK THE WAY IT WAS!<<

Never were truer words spoken more clearly than that.

In the Sports Trench, there are 4,784 votes to change it back to the way it was and 449 comments in the top topic, in particular, to get rid of the black background. Who wants to see white text on black?

Not Ellen, who commented:

>>Ellen commented · October 19, 2013 4:19 am
White on black text is, quite literally, agonizing for people with visual problems or migraines. I can’t read web sites or look at blogs designed this way, and I know of many other people who have the same problem…It’s a basic principle of decent web design that extended texts (more than a menu button) should never be white on black. It’s too difficult for *anyone* to read.<<

AMEN to that!

Does Yahoo know what it is doing? I think not. Does it even realize the damage it has done to the loyal userbase it once had? No, I think not. So since it seems to be utterly clueless, I’m going to tell them what they have done.

Yahoo, listen up. You have crushed the hearts and souls of your most loyal users of Yahoo Groups and Mail.

You have done this by ignoring the cries of the elderly who can’t manage the Neo interface and for whom it is causing high blood pressure, disorientation, and, in many cases, despondency and depression. For some it was their only link to the outside world. Do you care if one of them has a stroke or worse? I think not.

You have done this by ignoring the cries of the disabled, who are having seizures, vertigo and blinding headaches; who cannot handle the flashing ads or flickering controls. You have made their screen readers unusable and their voice recognition software null. But do you care? I think not.

You have done this by ignoring the seriously ill users (both physically and mentally ill) who relied on their groups for a lifeline, literally. For some users, these were the things that kept them going, kept them alive. But do you care? I think not.

You have done this by ignoring users who are cut off from critical support, suicide hotlines, and more. There have been at least three users who wanted to kill themselves because of this drastic change from Classic. Do you care? I think not.

You have done this by disrespecting war veterans who have used these groups to stay in touch with one another, relive their glory days, and share their stories. You destroyed their archives; one person, in particular, had years of precious archives gone. And when one informed Jeff Bonforte that Neo was insulting and upsetting to them because it reminded them of Neo Nazis, did he care? No, I think not.

Those are the users who are most impacted, but I’m certainly NOT forgetting the rest of us.

You have done this by using Neo like a bulldozer to destroy our wonderful, beloved Classic groups. It removed our colors and custom home page designs and photos. It scrambled our photo albums and rendered our databases unusable. Do you care? I think not.

You have done this by allowing Neo to screw up what archives we could see and dump them into a never-ending scroll that even I, at age 52, could NOT handle for long and many people with hand/arm issues CANNOT handle at all. And when they told you, did you care? I think not.

You have done this by taking away our access to our precious classic archives after someone found us a way in, disabling it before we could save everything! Tell me, why would a public company such as Yahoo not allow users to retrieve their precious photos, messages, and memories? Someone tell me the answer to that. Do you plan to answer? I think not.

You have done this by destroying users’ connections to one another, by devastating many to the point of tears, and by angering others to the point of rage, such as when the teen group network of 130,000 had to disband because nothing functioned anymore. Do you care about the heartbreak you’ve caused those kids? I think not.

You have done this by making sure that one day when we woke up, everything we had known, used, and loved for many many years was suddenly just gone. And did Yahoo care? I think not.

You have done this by creating chaos in Yahoo Mail, removing tabs, and causing some users to scream for Classic and others to just run for the hills. You have even done this to PAYING mail users and are losing revenue because of that. And do you care? I think not…but you should.

You have done all this and still seem so clueless, like you don’t see all the destruction around you, just under the surface of Neo. You don’t seem to see the broken lives, destroyed archives, heartbreak, and sorrow. All you see is Neo and with it, shiny new dollars.

Well, I have news for you. What you have done is not going to bring you shiny new dollars. It is not going to increase your revenue. You have managed to devastate YUsers almost across the board to the point that over half a million are gone already, and more follow them every day.

Neo can’t bring you the shiny new dollars you want because the investors know about our exodus and are looking at the numbers NOW; they don’t care what the numbers might be in two years. Advertisers are being told of the exodus and how their ads are being abandoned in droves.

So now, as we stand together in this crusade against Neo, it’s become a lot more personal to us. You just seem to continue to hurt and mistreat your users and are continually adding victims to your roster. Groups, Mail, Sports, Flickr…what’s next?

I don’t know the answer to that question.

But I know the answer to this one.

What’s next for us?

We are going to stand together and fight together and tell the world what you, Yahoo, has done until we are treated with decency and respect by you again and given the right to once again access our classic groups and save our archives at the very least.

And if that doesn’t happen soon? Sayonara, Yahoo….we’ll be gone, and the whole world will know why we left. Would you care?

Think about it, because you should.

Nightowl >8#


2 thoughts on “The Crumbling Walls Beneath Neo’s Facade

  1. Hello all,

    I am Nubia, a yahoo group owner with 38.000+ members and also a yahoo user. Here is a recap of information I posted on the blog of Bonforte from Yahoo,

    I posted the first comment on October 31 and a second one on November 7 – both comments are still in “pending,” not yet accepted.

    Message for Jeff Bonforte SVP of Communications @ Yahoo! – Please be a valid contact to solve these issues.

    Here is a list of features not working or missing in NEO groups as of November 7:

    1 – I cannot approve any member on the web – same error message. I am obliged to approve all members via email.

    2 – The messages in the “conversation page” are cut on the right side. I post e-cards so all my cards are cut in 2 and NO MEMBERS CAN READ THE ON THE WEB. What is the need to have a yahoo group if no one can read the messages on the web?

    3 – The pending mail as you show it is a nightmare to manage. The pending should be as a list like before. This is not suitable for big groups who have a lot of mail in pending.

    4 – The pending mail preview is cut on the right side so the photos do not appear fully.

    5 – I think you do not know what it means to “EDIT MAIL.” We need to EDIT THE SOURCE of the mail in pending and see the HTML CODES of the mail like before in case we have to remove hyperlinks.

    6 – I cannot search the “activity log.” This is necessary.

    7 – I cannot UNBOUNCE members. When I click on “send reactivation request,” I get this message: “We sent a reactivation request in the last 24 hours. Only one reactivation request can be sent within that time frame,” even if the date of the last reactivation request was much older.

    8 – I can only see the last 20 attachments in the attachment folder. Before we had the COMPLETE list of attachments.

    9 – When I choose to classify my members by date of arrival and not by alphabetical order, my choice is NOT SAVED – the next time it is again by alphabetical order. The choice SHOULD BE SAVED.

    10 – We need the complete message history on the home page of the group like before. A member who wishes to join the group needs to know how much mail he will receive daily or monthly.

    You launched the NEO groups more than 3 months ago now, and none of this is resolved. Stop making this a nightmare for group owners. We lose a lot of time and members because of your new version that NOBODY WANTS.

    GIVE THE OPTION to group owners to chose the classic version or the NEO version and you will see who really likes it or dislikse it. Don’t tell us in condescending words that we are like kids who dislike change!

    Correct the bugs or roll back to classic. End this nightmare!

    Thank you.

  2. I also posted another comment, but Yahoo is dishonest and plays with the feedback of the users. I discovered today that yahoo changed my words in my feedback.

    The subject of my feedback was “you should better close the yahoo groups ” –

    The moderator changed my subject into “Better HTML rendering for messages and preventing message clipping while viewing E-cards in Nubia Group.” This turned my feedback into a specific comment for my group only instead of a general comment for all groups.

    In the same way, the feedback forum for yahoo mail was here – – with 95,000+ people complaining “bring back the tabs.” Yahoo created a new forum to hide this one, and now on the yahoo customer page the link they give is here – – with only 9,000 people asking for tabs back.

    You in Yahoo are dishonest and try to hide the anger of your users!

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