The Overlooked Value of Archives


What seems to sail over Yahoo’s head every time is the notion of volumes and decades worth of user-generated content that is actually *about* something besides the user’s own latest antics. So simple to you and me; so seemingly alien to the people who keep trying to turn Groups into anything else.

This is **so very true** it bears repeating. On my 2,000+ member group (supplemented by an 850+ member companion group) there are at least two books being written based on the historical, corporate, financial and social information and records posted. We are very strong on documenting things being discussed if they are not first person accounts. Such concepts as academic research and documentation of financial and historic data is so far beyond the comprehension of Indian programmers that they probably never would understand. It suggests to me that Americans are seen worldwide more as fluff and bits of ego than having any serious pursuits or values.

That is why I’m so very concerned with saving our 81,000 post Message archive. The data contained is greater and worth more than many people could comprehend.

Dan Stinson


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