Who or What is Yahwhoooo?


She wants to turn Yahoo into a Facebook/Twitter wannabe…
By Random the Navigator

Actually, and to be fair, while Neo has enough faults that, if properly documented, they’d fill up a C-5 cargo jet, trying to be Facebook or Twitter doesn’t seem to be one of them this time. You should have seen the 2010 remodel; *that* was an F-book clone… IIRC; the members’ Profile pics were huge; the author’s name (instead of the topic) were in the largest and boldest type; the pic and name took up a lot of the space that used to be the message; and the messages themselves sparked (or counted as?) those ridiculous Yahoo “Updates” (imagine getting an e-mail from your own group or seeing a note on your Profile saying that you’d just posted to the group… No Duh!!).

The main thing this interface has in common with the 2010 fiasco is the sorting of messages into “conversations”…but that’s really just the spruced-up version of the Messages link in the classic format, which, like this one, gave you the choice of listing messages individually or by topic. I can live with that. I can *not* live with the jinking menu bar; with everything I need being several bad guesses, painful clicks and slow page loads away; with the Previous and Next buttons on the messages being dead; or with not having the choice to view messages in plain-text (there went all my ASCII art!).

> …instead of understanding that Yahoo is unique and suits those who use it.

Now, *this* is absolutely true. After the dust settled in 2010, Yahoo actually admitted to not really being sure what Groups were for and what people did there. I think they seized on the word “group” and thought it was a network of social circles or something. Yahoo’s corporate memory is very short; I don’t think anyone on either update project even knows what a listserv or a newsgroup *is*, let alone has taken part in one. And already the people who learned about Groups and their users the hard way last time have been replaced by the next wave of tweenagers who will have to be taught all over again. I *hate* having to break in a new batch…. >({|X-|

What seems to sail over Yahoo’s head every time is the notion of volumes and decades’ worth of user-generated content that is actually *about* something besides the user’s own latest antics. So simple to you and me; so seemingly alien to the people who keep trying to turn Groups into anything else.


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