Fail Without Fixed Fonts!


Brenda – I can’t figure out how to write my “impact story” – I know it isn’t as life-changing as some, but Yahoo did take one of my groups and turn it into garbage overnight…

Here’s my brief story and if you decide it’s not severe enough to be included, I will understand:

One of my groups was created for the purpose of sharing competition scoresheets for a 28,000 member organization. At this point, it has complete stats going back to 1995 (!) and overnight 90% of the stats became garbage when Yahoo removed a simple tool that used to be inside each message. Under “options” there was the ability to view the source of the message, choose to unwrap the lines, or USE FIXED WIDTH FONT to view the message.


(The above is a fixed-width owl lying on its side.)

All of the scoresheets depend upon the fixed width font to make the columns line up so they make sense. Over the years, I’ve had to put in strange sentence formatting to get around ads (that aren’t there any more) and add periods between the entries in each column when Yahoo stripped away my tab formatting, but the lack of the fixed width font option cannot be fixed. I’m sure mine is not the only group where literally years of work has been nearly destroyed.

The example below, if pasted into Notepad with Courier as the font, will show you what is needed.

But to see what Yahoo has done to me, paste the same example into Word and choose any font  BUT a fixed width font.

Rönninge Show...(132)....79..82..83..86
Britt-Helene Bonnedahl..

Yahoo has returned the ability to view the source of the message, so I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t take a brain trust to convert that link to the options menu we had before.

I posted this request in the Feedback Trench months ago and it has garnered over 500 votes with more being added almost every day, but it’s still in the dreaded “Under Review” status with no action or other response by Yahoo since the first day it was posted. I can’t begin to describe my frustration and sadness at the lack of respect for all of my years of hard work.

Marti Lovejoy


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