Kindly Restore Yahoo Groups to the Old Stable Version – Take NEO to Beta

A sequel to Naveed, Neo & A Neutralized Group

By Naveed Farooq:

Owl Construction 4


Here is the list of bugs in the new yahoo group interface, and in the end I have given some suggestions

1) I receive same emails from members twice; I have to delete them twice. That’s a big, big bug.

2) Sometimes I am unable to download attachments. When I click on download , they take me to the page which cannot be displayed, so I have to delete that email with attachment because i am unable to download the attachment file.

3) Unable to see embeded images with email. I cannot approve any email without watching its content. Hotlinked images are ok , but I cannot view emails with embeded images

4) Emails are mixed up with each other. One email with attachment and another email having text/ html are getting mixed up and presented as one email. It’s a big bug.

5) The annoying rectangle advertisement, which is (300w and 250h) on the right side of email pending messages page is making it impossible to view large images, and we have to moderate emails by watching half of the images; half of them we are unable to watch.
KINDLY remove this advertisement for group admins….and remove this bug

6) Emails have problems in sorting. As a manager, I delete emails, and keep the emails which I choose to be approved. For example, I select 5 emails , keep them in pending list, delete all other emails. Now when I recive a new email , it should appear below the list of my selected emails, but it is again mixed up randomly in my selected emails. Now it creates a mess. I have to recheck my emails and delete the crap email again. This is the sorting order problem bug

7) The famous error message, “Sorry, an error occurred while loading the content.” in the new format of yahoo group is appearing too much. It is appearing mutliple times and doesn’t explain the real issue.. so kindly look into it.

1) Kindly introduce filters in yahoo groups, the same kind of filters as we see in yahoo email, so we can help yahoo groups in sorting out spam.

2) Yahoo group’s new interface is implemented on us by force, without maturing the product. Kindly keep it in beta, and until it’s mature and fully bug free, do not implement this on us. Meanwhile we can use the previous interface.

3) Kindly disable all advertisements for admins having groups larger than 1,000 members.

4) Kindly disable the option to make a group without moderating emails. Such kind of emails are causing a lot of spam and wasting of resources for yahoo.

5) Kindly mark inactive yahoo groups (in which moderators or admins are not logging int for a long time) and delete all the pending emails in such groups. This will save a lot of resources of yahoo groups.

6) Flash games advertisements keep disturbing the pointer of mouse, and it feels terrible.

Naveed Farooq
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