Don’t Cut the Cards!

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Hello all,

I am Nubia, a yahoo group owner with 38.000+ members and also a yahoo user. Here is a recap of information I posted on the blog of Bonforte from Yahoo.

(NOTE: The above link does not work, the blog must have been changed or deleted. Sorry we can’t fix it. – Nightowl >8#)

I posted the first comment on October 31 and a second one on November 7 – both comments are still in “pending,” not yet accepted.

Message for Jeff Bonforte SVP of Communications @ Yahoo! – Please be a valid contact to solve these issues.

Here is a list of features not working or missing in NEO groups as of November 7:

1 – I cannot approve any member on the web – same error message. I am obliged to approve all members via email.

2 – The messages in the “conversation page” are cut on the right side. I post e-cards so all my cards are cut in 2 and NO MEMBERS CAN READ THE ON THE WEB. What is the need to have a yahoo group if no one can read the messages on the web?

3 – The pending mail as you show it is a nightmare to manage. The pending should be as a list like before. This is not suitable for big groups who have a lot of mail in pending.

4 – The pending mail preview is cut on the right side so the photos do not appear fully.

5 – I think you do not know what it means to “EDIT MAIL.” We need to EDIT THE SOURCE of the mail in pending and see the HTML CODES of the mail like before in case we have to remove hyperlinks.

6 – I cannot search the “activity log.” This is necessary.

7 – I cannot UNBOUNCE members. When I click on “send reactivation request,” I get this message: “We sent a reactivation request in the last 24 hours. Only one reactivation request can be sent within that time frame,” even if the date of the last reactivation request was much older.

8 – I can only see the last 20 attachments in the attachment folder. Before we had the COMPLETE list of attachments.

9 – When I choose to classify my members by date of arrival and not by alphabetical order, my choice is NOT SAVED – the next time it is again by alphabetical order. The choice SHOULD BE SAVED.

10 – We need the complete message history on the home page of the group like before. A member who wishes to join the group needs to know how much mail he will receive daily or monthly.

You launched the NEO groups more than 3 months ago now, and none of this is resolved. Stop making this a nightmare for group owners. We lose a lot of time and members because of your new version that NOBODY WANTS.

GIVE THE OPTION to group owners to chose the classic version or the NEO version and you will see who really likes it or dislikse it. Don’t tell us in condescending words that we are like kids who dislike change!

Correct the bugs or roll back to Classic. End this nightmare!

Thank you,


2 thoughts on “Don’t Cut the Cards!

  1. Today, November 20, is the first time since Yahoo launched NEO that I COULD APPROVE new members on the web – Yahoo sent me a mail saying they resolved this BUG.

    Yesterday Yahoo also informed me that they added a feature to enlarge the view window so that new members can read the cards FULLY and not cut on the right side as they used to be.

    2 positives points. I hope the rest will follow. 🙂

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