Learn How the Site is Used Before You Change It

Owl Group 3c
Yahoo has made Groups difficult for everyone to read and difficult for moderators to do their volunteer jobs.  Examples follow, showing what this means. Most of it is too detailed for the average reporter, investor, or advertiser to care about, but they serve as examples of just some of the things Yahoo has done to make Groups dysfunctional.

Like many people, I have trouble reading the grey type on a grey background. Yahoo has refused to change the type to black despite multiple requests. They have shrunk the size of the box in which we can edit posts.

We edit to remove identifying information such as phone numbers or copyrighted material, to trim old messages off the bottom, and to check for accuracy. We don’t change people’s wording other than as described above. The editing box is now so small that you can only see a tiny portion of the post you are trying to read through This is not necessary. I know for a fact that they can make the box larger and can also make it so that the user can pull one corner of the box and make it larger.

When we receive posts that go to the “pending posts” section to wait for moderator approval, we should just see the subject line and the writer’s name. We should not see a portion of the text that is in the post. This is because we may have 2 or 10 posts waiting for approval and we need to be able to look quickly to see what should go first. So we need an index of subject titles, not previews of the messages.

When we click the tiny little “edit” pencil the web page literally bounces to a new position. And then we are either staring at a blank page and have to scroll up to find the edit box, or, we are staring at some other post – not the one that should be in the edit box. This is *confusing* and disconcerting. If we click edit, then the post we want to edit should be right in front of our eyes.

When I go to see what photos a member has just uploaded,  instead of seeing a thumbnail of the photo, I see HALF of it because Yahoo has put words over the bottom half of each thumbnail. To actually see the picture you have to click and wait for it to open up.

Yahoo needs to send its programmers back to finish college and hire some who actually know what they are doing and provide what users of the site need and want. It is abundantly clear that nobody, from the programmers through the CEO, has any idea of what it is like to run a moderated private group. Before making changes, they should spend a year at it and ask the moderators and owners before making changes.

Susan B.


One thought on “Learn How the Site is Used Before You Change It

  1. Susan, I fully agree with you.They have NO IDEA of what a yahoo group is, what we use it for, and the most important, HOW we manage it. They should be moderator of a yahoo group before making any change to be aware of the problems and what we need!

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