Change Isn’t the Problem

Owl and Dog

What is really funny (and not LOL) is that what Jeffie Baby or anyone else in charge at  Yahoo doesn’t understand is that for the most part we don’t mind change.  Most of us have been through a heck of a lot of change since we were born.  I don’t mind change,  and I’m way up there in years, but I still can’t use an I-Pad, Smart Phone or Kindl.  I do well with a computer, cell phone, and a VCR/DVD, and if I worked on it, I’d probably master the rest of this new stuff provided it WORKS properly – LOL.

What we do mind and are complaining about is having something dumped on us without warning and not having it work worth a hoot, messing up everything in and on 99.9% of the groups area, the mail area, and evidently every other area associated with Yahoo.  Then asking US to debug it, so to speak, and still not having those that dumped the crap get out there and clean up the mess and fix it when we do tell them the problems.

It’s rather like my neighbor and his dog when he walks it; the dog (program) dumps.  The neighbor (programmer) refuses to teach the dog (program) not to dump  in other people’s yards, etc.  So the entire neighborhood is ready to murder him, not the dog; we know he’s just doing what a dog does and he doesn’t know any better; the neighbor does.

Conclusion is that NEO is just a stupid program (it has no actual brain) and it is doing what it’s programmed (taught or allowed) to do.  It doesn’t know it’s messing up things; however, the programmers and their bosses do since they wrote it, gave it the orders, and dumped it on us, and we have given them lots of feedback on what’s wrong and what we suggest.  But the programmers,, refuse to clean up the problems or remove the offending program until they can teach it not to dump all over our yards.



2 thoughts on “Change Isn’t the Problem

  1. SCOTT: This is Owl. This comment appears to be about Mail, and the article you posted to is about groups. So if you’d like to move it to a Mail story or mail page comment, you may. I can transfer it myself, but I’ll lose your ID and info. Sorry for any confusion, if you re post it as a comment on mail, Suz or I can delete this one.

    No, in this change IS the problem. The removal of usable, multi-tasking features such as Tabs is a change we should not have to cope with. Removal makes writing harder, slower, WORSE. Then there is the lack of auto complete in address bars, things that used to be single click are now two or three clicks…

    These changes are worse for the end user for no reason other than change. That’s stupid, thats Yahoo!

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