Do The Math…

Owl Mathematician

Millions of loyal users lost their email accounts in July due to inactivity. This included our service men and women. How do you show respect to them for their service/Closing their email accounts and selling them for $1.99

Millions of users have left because of NEO

Hundreds are upset about the Finance and Sports re-design.

MILLIONS are holding you accountable for screwing up your mail service.

Here’s something else to think about.

Do the math

Lasting success is achieved by addition and multiplication, not subtraction or division. If your winning depends on causing someone else to lose, that success is doomed to eventually run out. By contrast, when your success is built by creating new value for the world around you, it can continue to grow indefinitely.

Do the math. When you continue subtracting and dividing, you soon reach the very real limit of zero. But you can continue adding and multiplying with no such limit.

Certainly it is a competitive world. Yet the most successful competitors are those who do not depend on the competition, those who make the whole pie bigger instead of fighting over a single slice.

Real success and real value can never be wrested away from another. Your success and fulfillment must be built by you. Focus on the competition, and thatcompetition will throw obstacles in your path at every turn. Focus on creating new value, and the world will enthusiastically push you forward.

This was posted on the SAYNO2NEO group.


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