As if we haven’t been insulted, harmed and ruined enough by Yahoo’s ridiculous Neo change, the latest move is even worse. Now we can’t LEAVE!

Yep, you heard me right. Now when group owners attempt to delete a group, nothing happens. The delete option is unavailable to us.  Now when group users attempt to leave a group, they can’t. So many people are having this problem and now find themselves trapped in the Yahoo Neo Matrix.

"Major Glitch with Delete/remove/leave group Functions going on"


No company should be allowed to force users to remain in a broken, buggy system that does not work. This Neo upgrade has been harming users for over 4 months and hurting the disabled and elderly! The disabled have been suffering in silence for months because they are unable to voice their issues. We have taken up their cause – in particular, the SayNoToNeo Group.  This is a group of teens and tweens who have been tirelessly working with 9,000 combined members in that group and their mailbag group to restore the format that the elderly and disabled could use! They are advocating their cause around the world on behalf of elderly and disabled everywhere, including their own friends and relatives.

The Neo format has caused great harm to these users – disabled having seizures and vertigo, PTSD users suffering episodes – and their special equipment doesn’t work with Neo. The elderly have been having confusion, stress and high blood pressure from being unable to participate in their groups. The Neo format is broken, having been rolled out buggy and untested, but even the features that work still make the groups unusable for these users.

Super tiny print, bad colors, flashing ads, etc. all make it impossible to use. Hidden controls, drop down menus that disappear, and other disguised mod functions make it impossible to navigate. Message archives have been turned into endless scrolls, even when the group has 50,000+ messages! Arthritic and disabled hands cannot scroll like that.

Even I, at 52 years old, have many, many problems with the Neo format and can rarely, if ever, use the interface anymore. I have to do it all from mail which causes a host of brand new issues. I can’t do the endless scroll either; it makes me dizzy and is also hard on my hands and wrists.

For 4 months we have endured all this, and for 116 days we have crusaded for justice for these users and for Yahoo to restore the previous Classic format that worked. THIS IS IT, YAHOO! You are running out of time. And not allowing us to delete our groups will NOT solve your issues because my teams and I will scream it out to the world until they hear us!!!!

Mail users got heard, and it’s past time for GROUP users to be heard, too! Look through this blog; read the stories of the users who have been harmed.  Look at the statistics and how many have left. And I now realize that I can’t update the count of those who are leaving because they can’t leave! Thus, no count.

Someone help us stop this madness! I ask the media to please tell the world what has been done and is being done to thousands and thousands of once loyal, core Yahoo users! Hurry, please tell our story before it is too late and nothing is left to save! The disabled and elderly deserve justice!

Nightowl >8#

Update: Since this post, some people have had their delete functions restored, but not all. And Groups are still not working correctly. It’s January 21, 2014 and is now day #142 of our Crusade.


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