Situation Critical, User Feeling Suicidal!

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You may remember Hilary Syddall; she was a user who lost her suicide support group last August. You can find her original story here.  Well, her story has escalated.

Not long ago, she disappeared from my personal  group and I had to manually put her back in, and no, she had not left on her own. I even discussed it with Jeff Bonforte on Twitter.  Now, it’s gotten much worse.  Here is our group & e-mail exchange from today:

Hilary: “I now use my Gmail address for my groups (those few I am still in), I get the messages BUT if I want to go into the group pages I HAVE to have a Yahoo Mail account (not going to happen! I have stopped using my yahoo mail as it was making me feel sick with the flashing ads etc, even with ad blocker via Firefox on)”

Shal Farley responded to her that she didn’t have to use the Yahoo e-mail account to get in her groups, only to access the group.

Hilary (responding to Shal):  “all well and good, but I am a member of this group and it doesn’t show up in my groups, I have linked this address to yahell (and NOT happy doing that!) and STILL my groups don’t show up, how much MORE can they feck this up?”

Then I wrote her privately:  “Do you still show as a member of Hollow Tree? One recommendation if you can’t see your group list is to bookmark them both.”

Hilary responded privately:  “It asks me to verify my address every time, then doesn’t let me join/enter do anything (oh it does take me to a page telling me this is the new and improved group experience!), I can’t even FIND Hollow Tree, I have burst into tears once today already trying to solve this, I deleted cookies, firefox is on the latest fancy dancy version – if they want me to suicide this along with the Government in the UK are going the right way about it :(”

I encouraged her to absolutely not do that and told her I was making a huge push for the media to hear us this week.

PLEASE help Hilary and those like her, and there are so many many more.  Please, someone in the media, tell our story. Tell the world about our blog and our Crusade and how Yahoo has been treating not just us, but the elderly and disabled!

Help us hold Yahoo accountable for their actions! We have faith in the media that the world will know of our plight very soon!

Nightowl >8#


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