Advertisers, Your Ship is Sinking!



We want to warn you
There’s trouble ahead.
If nothing is done,
Yahoo groups will be dead.

The Yatanic is sinking,
And thousands have gone,*
The rest of us there
Are just trying to hang on!

Groups being deleted,
Memberships cleared;
It’s so much worse
Than we originally feared!

So tell Ms. Marissa
To plug up the leak,
And give back the Classic
Groups that we seek.

Cause we all want nothing
To do with NEO,
And we’re actively searching
For somewhere to go.

So if you want users
To click on your ad,
Tell Yahoo Admin
That Neo is BAD

Unless it’s rolled back,
Your products will find
That we just won’t buy them;
We won’t change our mind.

We’ve set up our lifeboats;
Our departure is set,
But you still have some time…
We’ve not all left…yet.

By Nightowl >8#
September 11, 2013

*Source for the number of Yahoo users leavingas of 9/11/13:


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