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One of the more upsetting things that happened when our groups were converted to the NEO format was that we lost all our personally crafted color schemes, some of which were quite elaborate with custom art or even carefully arranged photo collages.

This is one example:

This is Nedra’s group. Everything related to her group in this post is used with her permission. She is the user who started the  largest topic in the Groups Uservoice:

Return Groups format to prior format that WORKS!

The new format is NOT user friendly works poorly and destroys some of that attracts new members to my group.

You can read the entire topic here. If that link doesn’t work, (sometimes it won’t load), contact me; I have the entire topic archived in Word. What you will find in the Uservoice has been reduced and/or combined. There were at one point 400+ pages of comments. Now there are only 308.

It currently has 58,581 votes for bringing back Classic and 6,412 comments. People STILL post in it, desperate to get Yahoo to pay attention. It remains in Gathering Feedback status. I’ve been in and out of there since August 28 and have been encouraging the users to hang on.

That topic began on August 7, 2013.  However, when Yahoo started combining similar complaints, despite the fact that the topic was posted on August 7, the earliest complaint posts in that topic now start on July 7, 2013, even though they were not about Neo Groups.

This is what Nedra’s group, Elegant Great Pyrenees, looked like in Classic. This is a screenshot of the home page which could be customized by the owner and moderators:


Now here is the same group home page when NEO hit:


As you can see, the dog pictures were replaced by what appears to be a photo of test tubes which have nothing to do with dogs. We all woke up one morning, those of us Neo’d at once, and discovered our home page had been completely redone.  Our custom-made photos, banners, and colors were replaced by a stock photo with such odd parameters we could not replace them for quite some time without a lot of work, and some users still can’t get the home page photo changed.

To see the Elegant Great Pyrenees Group in NEO as it appears today, go here.

And I’d like to add that although I am the owner of my own personal group, Hollow Tree, I was unable to change my photo. I had to appoint David, my British moderator, mod status there to change it for me. One more “fun” feature of Neo is sometimes it tells owners/moderators that we don’t have permission to do this or that. Well, if we don’t have it, who does?

Here is the Yahoo Groups home page in both formats, submitted by another user with her permission:


And here is the same Groups home page in NEO:


Here is a shot of the Groups management page from another user, with her permission, in Classic:


Note that on the left are the moderator tools and controls for users. That was completely changed in the NEO version.

And the same page in NEO:neomgmt


Note that on the left on this shot, we have the user’s Group list. All moderation controls  are hidden from view in drop down menus that are often hard to manage.

Then we have Shal Farley’s screenshots.

Below are some of his  example pages  of the same group in both formats.

Here is a Home Page comparison:


Home Page: Classic on the left; NEO on the right

Note: This is what a member would see on the Classic page; non-members would not see the section with message summaries.

Note: I also want to point out that the smiling faces in the Classic home page were animated GIFs so that faces were sequenced through over 40 images taken from the reunion. The GIFs were hosted in the group’s own Photos section, something that had been possible in Classic, and had been working even in NEO for a while, but now seem to have broken.

This screenshot can also be viewed more thoroughly here.

Then we have Shal’s test group.

Here are how messages are displayed:


Message: Classic on the left; NEO on the right

Shal added red text comments on some of the significant losses of functionality in NEO.

This screenshot can also be viewed more clearly here.

Here are the Navigation elements of each page:shalsmgmtbar

Navigation: Classic on the left; NEO  on the right.

Note: In Classic the management link opens a page full of links to the various management functions. In NEO the management menu has items for the various management functions. They do the same thing, looking different.

Also note that in Classic, the left sidebar features the moderator and member controls, but in NEO the left sidebar lists the users’ Groups they belong to instead.

If the user isn’t signed in, all they see on the left sidebar is a list of featured Groups that Yahoo chooses. It was much easier to have our controls visibly out in the open than hidden in various  drop down menus.

And most people agree they’d rather have one-click convenience for the sections of the group they’re looking at and leave the list of their other groups in a menu.

This screenshot can also be viewed more clearly here.

Here is the same group currently today in NEO.

For some more views of what Classic Groups were about, see Shal’s Groups Help Set. This is a grab bag of screen shots Shal created over the years to illustrate answers to questions about Groups. Most of them are in Classic, but the newer ones are NEO.

For a tour through Classic Groups, Shal put this series of screenshots together:

All in all, the look, feel and concept of Classic Groups was destroyed by the NEO Interface. It took warm, inviting, colorful, and easy-to-manage Groups and turned them into sterile, bland, hard-to-read and nearly impossible-to-manage Groups.

I hope this shows you just how devastating it was to discover all our hard work, custom pages, color schemes, and even artwork just completely replaced by nothing and many users have been unable to recover all their missing home page photos, etc.

People were heartbroken, frustrated, and finally just angry at the unnecessary destruction that was wrought on us, destruction that happened with no warning and no heads-up to save our precious photos and info. Nope, like a thief in the night, NEO robbed us of everything we held dear in Classic Groups.

Here was one user’s way of coping. Please help us convince Yahoo that NEO can never replace our prized and valued Classic Groups.  We implore the Yahoo management to rethink this and return us to our beloved Classic Groups.

Nightowl >8#


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