Overrun with SPAM!



Below is a message from Joe, who has been very active in my group and has been making every effort to combat the spam that threatened to overrun Yahoo Groups once NEO was implemented.

NEO broke the moderation tools so badly that we were unable to moderate members and messages or to preview things. Some group owners simply gave up and fled, while the spammers who have overtaken the groups are still there today.

I’ll let you hear it from Joe himself:

Below is the original (slightly edited) post by Joe in the Yahoo Groups Uservoice, posted on August 30, 2013.

Hey gang

I created a new thread in yahoo feedback about ne0. please send this to your groups every vote counts.

Yahoo groups now open to pedos and spammers

Since group owners/moderators cannot preview pics/vids in pending messages, or preview pending members joining comments, there is no way to ban pedos and spammers.

Once they are already in the group and their posts have already gotten sent out then you can ID them.

I have been a group owner/moderator for over 10 years but with NEO I cannot control what goes on and gets sent out in my groups or who joins anymore.

You might need to cut and paste the link below but every vote counts.

The original URL that was posted in the Uservoice is no longer a working URL.

Joe continues:

LESS THAN 24 HOURS LATER it was merged with this one.  I think my title got someone’s attention.

It had 451 votes in less than 24 hours when they merged it.
See forwarded message below:
—- Forwarded Message —–
From: Yahoo! <no-reply@yahoo.uservoice.com>
To: jstarest2@…
Sent: Saturday, August 31, 2013 11:46 AM
Subject: yahoo.uservoice.com
Your idea has been merged: ‘yahoo groups now open to pe…’
Idea merged
An idea you voted for (yahoo groups now open to pedos and spammers) has been merged with a similar idea:
451 votes

Below is someone else’s topic that it was merged with. It was posted in US Groups » Other groups features.

Unable to edit messages before approving

The new neo rollout is the absolute WORST idea yahoo has ever come up with.

One of the worst features is that now on the owner preview page, we can’t see if there are any pending messages or members. So we have to physically go to each group we manage, every day, click that homepage link just to see if there is anything pending. It is a HUGE amount of time wasted for us. The old way was better.

We can no longer edit posts? That is crazy talk. With thousands of members who refuse to trim messages, this was a very valuable tool for group owners.

Facebook groups and Google groups are becoming all too popular in this day and time. And this new roll out will effectively kill that yahoogroups, based on poor useability alone.

You should have left well enough alone. The format has been working great for years.

Sometimes change is NOT better.

So there you have it. I couldn’t have said it better myself.

Nightowl >8#


2 thoughts on “Overrun with SPAM!

  1. Why Yahoo! would mark this thread as ‘complete’ when it clearly is NOT boggles the mind … Since day one of the NEO format, group owners have *never* been able to preview images submitted. All we ever see are squares with the name of an image that the poster gave it, period. The image could be of anything.

    We have to approve messages blindly and then clean up the damage later on. If previews worked, we can see who are the $pammers and pedos, and kick/ban them on the spot without forwarding their nonsense or sickness on to our groups. PLEASE stop saying that fixing message preview (or pre-banning known troublemakers) is ‘complete’ when everyone knows it hasn’t been.

    Bob Hare aka ‘Animated GIF Man’ – Y! ID: agmscans69
    Founder/owner of 4+ dozen group still trying to fight the good fight to undo the untold damage NEO has wrought in our formerly great forums…

  2. owners and moderators are still crippled trying to keep spammers,pedo’s, and trouble makers out of groups

    REASON 1
    we still cannot “pre-ban” which is banning a id/address from joining a group before they try to join

    REASON 2
    the EDIT/PREVIEW of posts is a JOKE
    you can’t see what is in most due to html restrictions and you cant preview pics unless you download each one
    before neo you saw everything it was easy to see content in all posts

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