What really lies beneath the brand new NEO interface Yahoo claims is so wonderful? Want the truth? Below that shiny appearance is disaster.

Classic lies in ruins with its archives in shambles, the photos scrambled, and the NEO  code they tried to replace it with so full of bugs we would need to hire a fleet of exterminators to remove them all.

And here’s the BEST part….it was created and released with all those bugs! Yessirree, Yahoo decided that maybe it would be a great idea to foist this new, non-beta-tested, buggy interface on a random selection of Classic Group Users…with no warning!

That was back in August of 2013. August 4th is the earliest date anyone has provided me for the Neo flip. And as usual, people took to the Yahoo Uservoice forum to comment.

One particular comment, we fondly call the “Top Topic” in Groups, was created on August 7, 2013. It had been the longest running topic we had going down there and the most voted on one.

Return Groups format to prior format that WORKS!

Below is a screen capture of the beginning phrases of that topic. Note the vote count box to the left. (This capture is from a user with a different computer and browser, so the fonts won’t exactly match the next image.)


At its peak, it had over 400 pages of comments with multiple comments to a page. At one point, Yahoo either deleted or merged many comments together, and the number of pages decreased by about 30.

Why do I know this? Because I archived the entire topic to Word…by hand. Hours of painstaking capturing and pasting to preserve the truth about what was taking place because I suspected what would happen, and I was right. Yahoo would try and sweep us under the rug like we never existed.

As of January 28th, it had 58,678 votes. Then Yahoo ‘s 4th quarterly report came out, and what a coincidence, they decided after all this time not only to close this topic, but to also mark it “completed.” That is not only a lie, it’s completely laughable. Nothing is complete about NEO other than that it’s a complete disaster.

Below is some of what Yahoo doesn’t want you to know.

  • Since NEO was introduced in August, over 600,000 Yahoo Group users have deleted their groups and quit.
  • A large number of Yahoo Group users have been boycotting Yahoo advertisers since September 3rd, 2013. That’s also the date I mailed a letter with comments about users leaving and the boycott to De Castro & Mayer. And we’ve written the advertisers.
  • Many Group users have lost years of archives because NEO rendered them unaccessible. Some of what was lost was important business, or  research materials, or even memorials to loved ones.
  • And despite NEO being a failure, Yahoo has now started rolling it out overseas! French, Swedish, even German users are discovering that the years of work  stored in databases have been ruined. The accented characters and others have been turned into diamonds and other unrecognizable shapes.
  • A number of Group users can’t even get into their groups or the page loads for eternity and never finishes.
  • The disabled and blind cannot use the new NEO interface, it causes them physical reactions such as seizures and vertigo. Their equipment no longer works, so Yahoo Groups are no longer ADA qualified.
  • Yahoo Groups in NEO do not work on a Mobile phone. Even though that is what NEO was supposedly designed for, they simply DO NOT WORK.
    See image below:

Ugly Stick

The above is an image taken from one of my moderator’s cell phone. It shows a radio-based Yahoo group, only you can’t see very much of it, and Yahoo replaced the Home Page photo with a stock photo of their own and you can’t even easily tell what it is.

  • A number of groups have been overrun by spammers, because the moderation tools are broken. Many groups had to simply give up and close because they could not regulate the spammers.
  • For awhile, members were “held hostage.” Yahoo wasn’t allowing us to even delete a group or group member or even leave a group.

And there are MANY MANY more things described in this blog that Yahoo doesn’t want you to know. The above is just a few of them.

After Yahoo closed the top topic on January 28th, some users in my group became so angry they started creating duplicate topics and voting on those, but as fast as they created them, Yahoo declined them. The users were very determined though, and called it the Whack-A-Mole game.

NOTE:  I said declined. Not completed. That was really strange. If return to earlier format was deemed completed, it should apply to all of the same sort of comment. However, it did not…another indication that it isn’t really completed, it’s declined. See image below:


So, in an effort to hide the actuality of the damage done to their Group Users, Yahoo decided on the evening of January 30th, 2014, to change the Uservoice topics so the votes no longer show a tally. Now they are simply ranked. Below is the same topic as above shown in this new format: (Again, with a slightly different font and spacing because it is from a different browser & computer.)


I can think of only one good reason to change complaint topics with 58,000+ votes to 1st ranked: to HIDE the number of complaining users. However, I have the original versions, so they won’t be able to do that.

Yahoo is trying to sweep us and this entire mess under the rug, but we’re not going. We are standing firm, telling the world what’s really happening, and we won’t be intimidated by Mayer & company.

We, the Yahoo Group users, have suffered this NEO abomination for what will be 6 months on February 4th, and it’s time someone did something about stopping it.

The instability and unpredictability of the NEO interface has made it a far more insecure platform where spammers can run rampant and moderation is a joke.

Yahoo’s use of outdated protocols and Java-based stream ads has done nothing but make the Groups platform more vulnerable, unstable, and unsafe.

NEO doesn’t even affect everyone the same way, which feels even more unnerving. Some can’t get in their groups at all or see archives; some can. And some are still in Classic; yes, it still works for some users.

Thank you for taking your time to read this, and I hope that someone will investigate this and tell our story. Yahoo needs to be held accountable for the unthinkable treatment they have been showing one of their most loyal user bases.

Yahoo, undo this disaster. Return us back to Classic Groups. Give the mail users their Classic Mail.  Fix the other services that you have ruined for Finance, Sports and others.

Stop this nonsense now, admit that NEO is a failure, and you might stop the growing exodus from your company, but only if you hurry…because soon it will be too late.

Nightowl >8#


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