Database Not Yet Back To Basics

Owl Angry

By Deborah from Paris

This is an update from the previous post.

I appreciate yahoo trying to make the databases usable again

Indeed there are many good things in the improvements and I appreciate you got us the French accented characters back again.

However, the format is still difficult to read and use for following reasons:

1/ column headings do not align with the actual columns as soon as you click on one of the columns to have it ordered. After reordering one column, column headings stay the same at the top but when you scroll down, column widths vary and no longer fit the headings!

example: I try to sort out column number 3 according to zip code, all columns realign but not with the headings, one still cannot understand what each column is about

2/ I dont understand the first column: these numbers are of no use at all, I used to have the first column for the name of the group member who put in the information, this is what I wanted first but now it is no longer! It takes space for no use.

3/ I appreciate having more length for reading each column but this is far toooooo long now, you need to use the cursor to go very far to the right, while it used to be possible to read the whole table without using cursors.

4/ In particular, to move the cursor to the right, you need to go ALL THE WAY down the database, even if it was the first entry you wanted to go and read towards the right! Now if you want to go back and read the second entry (out of 400 or so entries) you need to scroll back all the way to the top, and then when you want to go to the right to see what is in the 5th or 6th column,, you need to go ALL THE WAY down to get the cursor towards the RIGHT, you must be KIDDING ME ?

Therefore, I much prefered having pages, rather than scroll down the entire list !

5/ It would be nicer to have the entire page free to read the database and thus PLEASe could you get rid of the list of all the groups I own or am a member of, on the left of the screen, this is really totally unnneeded once I am in a group and even more when we are trying to read a database.

Overall comment: you have really worked hard and I appreciate.

HOWEVER, it is really still very difficult to use and far LESS convenient than it USED TO BE

To vote on this issue and convince Yahoo to fix it go here:


Deborah from Paris


One thought on “Database Not Yet Back To Basics

  1. The first column is the order in which the rows were added. Sorting by this column allows you to quickly find new entries in the table.

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