Making it Clear to Yahoo

Lawyer Owl 1By Adrian Smith
Reposted with permission by Nightowl >8#

  • Yahoo NEO has destroyed our databases.  Students are no longer able to use the database to post……anything.
  • Yahoo NEO violates the privacy of users that post directly to the group by showing the IP address of the user.  Our network is fortunate to use a server to bypass this security problem.
  • Yahoo NEO does not allow aliases to be used.
  • Yahoo NEO is in violation of the ADA and other nations’ rights of the disabled.  How dare you treat these people with contempt.  How dare you treat these people as yesterday’s garbage.  How dare you roll out this format without any type of notice.  We owe it to our neighbors to fight you at every opportunity and to bring you to justice.
  • We have every right to hold your advertisers accountable for blocking access to the groups with ads you place on the message board that stops the equipment they use.
  • Yahoo NEO discriminates against the elderly and poor.  The elderly on fixed incomes cannot afford the computer upgrades needed to navigate your new format that is a RAM hog.
  • You dismissed the hundreds of thousands of complaints against NEO. You have been disingenuous to the media and concerned individuals by saying the classic system was outdated.  You had every opportunity to build a new foundation with the classic groups.  The dollars you’ve spent with just the new logo could have been used to enhance the classic groups.

We will not reveal our final strategy.  We will say that a growing number of concerned individuals are aware of what you have done.

  • This format is in violation of public website access defined in the DOJ/ADA.  Yahoo was warned from day one that the format is illegal but has not heeded the concerns of the visually impaired.
  • This format is in violation of international conventions adopted by the majority of sovereign nations through the auspices of the United Nations. Rights to public access to to internet websites for the elderly and disabled. The placement of ads causes the reading equipment of the blind to stop functioning.
  • This format is discriminatory against the elderly.The elderly have warned Yahoo since day one that the format causes their older computers and slow modems to freeze. The high usage of RAM depletes the functionality of their computers over a period of time.
  • This format cannot be used by those that have peripheral vision and nerve damage.  Once again, users have voiced and written their concerns to Yahoo. These concerns have been dismissed.  Yahoo claims that measures have been taken to address these concerns.  Their proclamations are not based in reality.  Their proclamations are for the sole attention of media scrutiny.
  • Yahoo needs to be held accountable for forcing this unwanted, unneeded, and unpopular format on millions of users that have complained about this format from day one.

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One thought on “Making it Clear to Yahoo

  1. We’re still worried about Fixing Yahoo, their NEO that is designed to make their BOD money?

    Nightowl wrote: To clarify, this post is not at all about fixing Yahoo. It’s about taking it to task for its treatment of the disabled and elderly, and proving the format is illegal and in violation of the ADA. We are trying to make sure that Yahoo is held accountable for these violations. Wanted to make sure you understand that.

    Hyenas do not like to be vegetarians, and Yahoo is not going to change.

    Nightowl wrote: We are trying to make them change back, and we are not backing down on this. We will hold them accountable if they do not roll it back to classic.

    So what are the other opportunities before anything we have on Yahoo is no more. Most of us don’t know how to migrate or back up our stuff, we need a new start somewhere while we can go back and forth from one interface to another.

    Nightowl wrote: I already previously directed you to my group:
    to ask them questions like that.

    We are gathering alternatives, which are listed on the blog.
    Unfortunately, nothing is a complete match to Yahoo groups, so each user has to check them out and decide what will work.

    If you need more help migrating, or backing up, and don’t want to join my group, you can ask questions here at:

    If you are asking about mail, please clarify, that’s in a different place.

    Nightowl >8#

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