Yahoo Finds New Ways to Spam Its Members

spamowlBy Charley Silverman

This article is a follow-up to a previous article written in the hopes of highlighting the problems caused by Yahoo with its hasty decision to NEO-fy its membership.  In February, I wrote an article about how Yahoo’s awful decision to inflict its NEO model on its users affected one business community, namely the members of the QFLEA small business community.

You can read that article here.

This community consists of small business people who run their businesses on websites and list those businesses at  A major component of our shared experience is the QFLEA Yahoo Group, where said businesses have the opportunity to exchange information and ideas that are beneficial to all.

We’ve run this Yahoo Group since 1999 and have shared over 20,000 posts related specifically to small business.  These posts have educated members about a variety of issues from business shopping carts to website HTML coding to search engine optimization to effective use of social media and much more.  The one thing that we have not allowed in this group is advertising.  We made a decision early in the process that the one thing that might kill this Yahoo Group was if we all started spamming each other, so the 20,000 messages in this group have been related only to business and topics that would assist our members.

That ended with NEO.  While hundreds of members have been able to refrain from spamming the Yahoo Group for almost fifteen years, Yahoo has decided to spam us on their own.  Intertwined within the educational and informational posts of our membership is spam from AdChoices.  For example, in between my post about QFLEA and social media this morning and a member post about how to handle a particular line of text/javascript, there is spam from Yahoo about there being no long-term benefits from Glucosamine.  Between a question about websites and mobile phones and commentary about a business editorial, we have spam about the top credit cards for 2014 for excellent credit.

Have the powers-that-be at Yahoo lost their minds?  Is it not bad enough that you’ve spammed our group with big picture ads?  (By the way, my favorite is the ad for the builder of the community in whose house I already live!!)  Must you muddy up a purely information process with advertising as well?  Your spam ads are unwelcome and detract from the efficiency of our Yahoo Group, though having said that, I know it means nothing to you.  I just find it particularly annoying that in addition to giving us a platform which is buggy, user-unfriendly, troublesome to edit, and a major step backwards in terms of usefulness, you’ve added spamming into our content.

It would appear that NEO is, if nothing else, aptly named.  It stands for what must be your new mantra, Never-ending Economic Opportunities!  In layman’s terms, Yahoo is now spamming all that is spammable!  Unfortunately, at the rate they are proceding, there will be fewer and fewer members on which to foist future failures.


One thought on “Yahoo Finds New Ways to Spam Its Members

  1. Thanks for another great article, saying what everyone is thinking. We are out here empathising & “feeling your pain.”

    Never trust a mega corporation, especially internet-related ones. The “hand” behind them all is the same, which is why they copycat each other.

    And big corporations in general feign concern for users/customers, but they are really only working on behalf of their shareholders, not John Q. Public.

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