A Snapshot of What We Had


This is the SUPERIOR group layout of one of our beloved groups!
ABBA Site Before NEO

Notice the colors and theme are warm, inviting and says more about the group than this MESS:
ABBA Site Now

Now it’s SO clumsy, cumbersome, busy (like a train wreck) and at the same time sterile and ripped off of anything that was individual about it!

It’s an ugly, sloppy mess!

Just like that CEO’s brainwaves. Cluttered and crazy! Hysterically CRAZY!



2 thoughts on “A Snapshot of What We Had

  1. Sterile & ripped/stripped of Individualism, so true!

    Now all groups are just a copycat clone of each other (except Yahoo’s arbitrary banner pic which cannot be changed from iphone that I can find).

    Cherish your screenshots, like baby photos in a hardback family photo album before the Neo-Tornado hit & blew it to smitherines! 😦

    • I know, but once Mayer is fired or run out of Silicon Valley, we may triumph. It’s under her that misery has prevailed.

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