If You Code It, We Will Come


Owl at Bat 2.
Okay, we finally got our story out into the media, but so far not a lot has happened. I’m not surprised; it’s only been a few days.

Eventually, we’ll have to look at the possibility of failure to reach our goal. Yes, I know the SAYNO2NEO kids say failure is not an option, and I agree with them, but barring a miracle, many users cannot continue coping with the buggy, screwed-up mess that NEO is.

So…what’s our next step?

Many want to find a new home, but this is what poses a problem for Classic Group Users. No Free site that hosts groups has all the features we’ve known and used for all these years. There isn’t even a good paying one we’ve found yet that has everything we had.

So consider this a request to all startups, budding engineers, coders, programmers, and other tech-savvy individuals.


Here is what we need for our Groups Platform:

  • An interface that is accessible through both mail and website.
  • Customizable home pages where we can choose colors, fonts, photos, and sizes for the group pages.
  • The ability to have all messages appear in a single list, not in individual forums.
  • Message archives that are stored and always available through page view.
  • Messages ordered chronologically (newest or oldest first) or by threads as desired.
  • Messages that have post #’s and are searchable.
  • Controls that are readily visible and don’t require mouse-over.
  • Full moderation tools for Group owners for members, messages, attachments, etc.
  • A My Groups page where moderators can see all their groups and whatever moderation tasks are needed for each one.
  • Ability to access member lists by page view and export the whole list into a PDF file, Excel, database, etc.
  • Capability to handle a large number of members (don’t know the limit for Yahoo’s Groups).
  • A section to store links.
  • A section to store files.
  • A working interactive database.
  • An event calendar accessible to all.
  • Ability to invite members
  • Ability to add members.
  • Ability to import an existing member list from another group.
  • Ability to ban or preban members.
  • Ability to have the member’s real name associated with their e-mail on the member’s list for Owner/Mod view only.
  • Hosting for photos, with lots of storage, customizable photo organization and sorting options.

It may appear like we’re asking for a lot here, but for a long time, we were spoiled because this  is what we’ve had. So now we are desperately seeking a venue that can provide all of this for us again. If you can help, please contact featheredleader at:   owlsy (at) yahoo (dot) com.

Thank you sincerely,

Nightowl >8#

P.S. To Yahoo Groups Users:  If we missed one of your favorite features, please add a comment or e-mail me and let us know.



3 thoughts on “If You Code It, We Will Come

  1. That’s been my hope for some time now, viz., that someone tech-savvy enough will be fed up enough with Neo to decide she/he will create a new site with all the features and functionality of Groups Classic. The day that happens, I’ll leave this Neo pile of rubble forever and take my members with me.

  2. 1. One “feature” I hope would be included if another site took up the YG Challenge, is to save all the html (bold, underline, italics, red or other colored text, etc.) that were in my original emails that I posted to my YGs. That is one thing I loved re YGs, that it posted all the html the same as it looked in my OE emails.

    (vs., for example, WordPress.com freebie blogs strip out all html when you post-via-email, so if you want bold or red text, etc., you then have to go edit the post in Control Panel at the site & basically do it over from scratch. Talk about wasted duplicate effort!)

    2. Make sure each YG still has it’s own RSS-Feed-Link for posts/Messages.

    3. Definitely keep the group’s History Calendar in the exact same style it always was (always loved that History at bottom of home page!)

    4. Keep EXACT DAY, DATE, & TIME for each post, & AT THE TOP near the headline as it should be. None of this new-fangled “Relative dates” crap like Twitter & many blogs use, ie, “3 days ago,” “a week ago,” or “9 months ago,” etc.! Grrr! And put date at TOP, not bottom of posts/messages!

    5. Add INLINE photos in messages vs tiny thumbnails all shoved to top of message or bottom of message! (That was my only big main gripe re YGs > no Inline photos).

    6. Allow photos in emails to be sent to Email-Only subscribers AND also be hosted in the message on site. (YGs would only allow one or the other but not both. Not sure if they ever began allowing both(?)

    7. Only “new” request I would add is to allow a Twitter Feed widget in a right or left column.

    8. Keep it as simple HTML sites & not all the new fangled fancy crap that is the Internet now, such as:
    –Drop Down Menus that drop down on their own, blocking your view! Grr! Don’t Drop Down UNLESS I click on it! Grrr.;
    –And stupid Social icons that sites are plastering across the page &/or via pop-ups that block your view, Grrr!;
    –And all the new embedded “spinning wheels” for sections of webpages vs previously you would click a link to see more info, etc., Grrr!;
    –And the new miserable habit of sites, even WP blogs, where the comment windows SCROLL the text vs the text previously being stationary. If you needed to scroll for more room, the full window went with you. Now the text is like embedded BEHIND the edges of the window — in mobile view at least — & you have to scroll the text, which totally sucks! Not sure how to correctly describe that, I’m not a techie, is it called “frames” or “floating text” maybe? Either/or it sucks, whatever they call it! Grrr!

    (I so loathe the “new” internet! I had no idea how bad it had gotten because I used an older iphone for the web for 4 years & never saw the “real” web. And you are SO RIGHT re RAM-HOG sites, ugh! Who needs all that bloated garbage? Bring back simple fast-loading HTML!)

    THEN I was also horrified last Oct. to find my half-dozen very very small YGs destroyed by Neo, groups I had set up beginning 2001 strictly because of having old Mac & posting by email was all I could do in those days, so eGroups & then YGs became my Mainstay for many years, so easy to use & worked great w/old hardware/software! (I’m one of those older folks w/long term disability you talk about; can never keep up w/latest greatest hardware & software; hence switched to iphone in 2009, but keep older phone w/older iOS, so still always “behind the times.”)

    Lastly, you mentioned hoping someone would create something JUST LIKE Classic YGs vs Forums. Agree. By Forums I’m guessing you might be referring to the Guru guy at GroupFetch.com who created a YG “forum” alternative. Maybe he would create a new Classic YG if we were all willing to pay for it?

    No single small group of coders could ever afford to create something big enough for all YGs & host it all. And big corporations who could afford it cannot be trusted > they ALWAYS screw things up eventually (Google > YouTube; Yahoo > YGs; WP > WP blogs; Apple > new UI in iOS7; etc.)

    Example: Original founder of Posterous blogs had a vision. Other guys on team eventually wanted to go in “Social Media Craze” direction. Original founder quit due to that (Gary Tan). FF another 1-2 years & Posterous Team sold their souls to Twitter & Posterous was shut down, years of work down the drain.

    Original Founder so irked re that, he & 1-guy started over from scratch, building a blog platform that “will never go away or be sold,” called PostHaven.com. To fund it they charge $5.00/month or $60/year. Now THAT I would be willing to pay to have a permanent non-fancy home for my YGs contents! Not that Gary Tan can build it for us (they are only 2-guys on the PostHaven project & still working on THAT) but I shared that example just as an sample of how a “New Classic YGs” could evolve or could come into existence IF groups were willing to pay that little bit to KEEP it as WE want it to be, ie, Classic! There should be a Board also at the founding to MAKE SURE Developers/Coders don’t go off crazy changing things. Make Devs/Coders beholden to the Board & not the other way around, ie, NOT “Users at the Mercy of Devs,” but YES > “Devs at the Mercy of Users!”

    Thanks for allowing this “rant.” I’ll save your RSS feed to keep up with any new “grassroots” developments (because I doubt Yahoo is ever going to “go back” to Classic. They duped everybody by retreating several years ago when they attempted to remake YGs into a Social Butterfly copy-cat. All they did was continue to work stealth behind the scenes & then sprung their new Neo on everyone unexpectedly, like a bear trap. They cannot be trusted!)

  3. Went to visit your tech YG & saw the post re Softpedia article re Neo, so went to read that as well. They did a good job. I was surprised there were no comments under it, though, so I left one. Whether they will “approve” it remains to be seen, so thought I’d also post it here if you don’t mind:

    Comment Submitted:

    “Job well done describing the disasters of Neo YGs, thank you. Classic YGs worked JUST FINE on iphone. You could see your YG just as it really was (Full Site view) & pinch/zoom as desired. You could access all Admin settings & do whatever you needed to do. You could access all sections of the group, Links, etc. — Now the new Neo works like “crap” from iphone, teeny tiny viewing area, buggy, can’t find Admin settings easily, have to jump through hoops to find things, etc. “FORCED” Mobile sites are NEVER WELCOMED by full-time iphone users. Give us normal Classic Full-Site View first, & a link to Mobile IF people prefer that instead. — Neo-YGs is just another burdensome & unnecessary “new web” remake vs keeping its own Identity & Structure which everyone loved. — Thanks for your report.”

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