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On August 4, 2016, Yahoo will have been allowed to use Groups users as guinea pigs for three years! THREE WHOLE YEARS and counting.

You know, it’s sad, really.  It’s sad that a company like Yahoo is allowed to treat people so horribly, and no one seems to care.

It’s tragic that they have been allowed to harm disabled and elderly users for three years and do nothing about it.

It’s an outrage that Yahoo can  continue to boast about how wonderful all their new products are when they can’t even get Mail to work right for everyone.

It makes me ill that they can get away with all of this simply because no one knows or cares what Yahoo Groups really is.

Is the media really that willing to allow them to impact human lives in a dramatic and harmful way and do nothing about it?

Mayer hasn’t done what was promised. She hasn’t turned Yahoo around; in fact, it’s sinking faster than it ever was.  Why doesn’t someone notice this? Why isn’t someone stopping her?

And at this critical time, when everyone is scrutinizing her every move, tell me why aren’t they telling the world what she’s done to US?

We have collected stories, evidence, facts, and stats on this site. We have been fighting Yahoo for what will be a year in August, and yet no one has been able to stop her. Why are our lives so unimportant? Why is it that Groups users don’t matter?

We’ve lost our health groups, our support groups, our research groups, and others. We’ve lost tons of data, photos, messages, and more, and still Mayer stands up there on her podium telling the world how wonderful the New Yahoo is. Well, the new “NEO” Yahoo isn’t wonderful. It’s destructive.

The coding is a mess, sorting doesn’t work, and sometimes people can’t even get logged in. The moderation tools have been crippled, and simple things like buttons to change your e-mail options DO NOT WORK.

Yet Mayer feeds the media with rants about developing video and mobile, buying acquisition after acquisition, saying she is turning Yahoo into a great new place, when in fact all she’s done is turned it into a giant wasteland.


Can someone answer that? We are human beings with feelings, lives, and needs, and Mayer has taken away some of our basic needs – the needs for support, friendship, research, or services through one of our many Yahoo Groups. Mayer has cut people off from suicide, health, and grief  support groups. She has ruined our ability to be effective at the things we were effective at for so long.

We have boycotted Yahoo advertisers and written them and the stockholders, board members, and media. The proof is right here on this blog site, or I can provide EVEN MORE.


It’s shameful if the media has truly become so heartless that they can turn their backs on people like Hilary and Geoff. It is sad that the media isn’t screaming to the rafters about the harm being wreaked on disabled users and the horrible and disrespectful way Yahoo has been treating elderly users and veterans.

It’s hard to believe that anyone thinks our lives are that unimportant, that our needs and wishes are something to be ignored, and that Yahoo thinks we should just disappear and go away so that they don’t have to acknowledge the effects of their actions.

Someone PLEASE tell our story to the world and hold Yahoo accountable for these things! Mayer isn’t turning it around; she’s running it into the ground. Can’t you see that?

We’ve held on for three years now, fighting this crusade. I can’t tell you what will happen if nothing changes. Many more users will probably leave. Many more groups will either be deleted or abandoned. Yahoo is a hollow shell of what it once was, with the rich colors and the usability that anyone could understand. Now it’s bland, white, hard on the eyes, and so complex that even the most experienced users struggle with it.

What was the point? If Yahoo wanted to make the point that we aren’t important, that we have no worth to them, they could have done it without destroying our lives and harming us for three years. No, I truly believe they thought they could use us as guinea pigs because they COULD and no one would notice or care.

After all, we’re just the forgotten users.

If you really want to know the truth, read this blog.

Check out the Index.

Check out For The Press.

And check out the list of issues.

Then TELL the world what you learn! Tell the world what Mayer and company have done to us. Point them here to this site.

Maybe then there could be a chance for Yahoo. If not, well, then the Yatanic is going to go down. It’s only a matter of time.


Nightowl >8#
Leader of the 2013-2016 Yahoo Crusade for Classic.








2 thoughts on “Yahoo Groups — The Forgotten Users 1

  1. I have a ‘theory’ based on Follow the money, or who Profits. Yahoo lost a major portion of their users, and a whole lot of groups and yet not a blink. Yes groups like those in Colorado that used Yahoo for a fast first alert to protect themselves form wildfires were the first causalities, now they are stuck with the non communicative and really slow FEMA and other Government organizations that really don’t work 1/10th as well as the community based system they’d established on Yahoo Groups.

    As many bad things that have happened in Yahoo, they all effect the free communications of groups of people, so hordes went to Facebook where the tracking software and spy tech is automatically loaded to your machine.

    Yahoo, as far as we the public and users can see, lost out big time, so it seems mysterious to us. Yet the CEO hasn’t been removed. Someone is profiting from gutting the Yahoo we could use efficiently, read, and research our groups posts on, or the best things would have reverted back. I’ve posted my guess.

  2. I am not sure if this is exactly where this belongs on the blog, but Brenda will edit this comment before it is posted and I trust her to do what she thinks is right with it.

    I am commenting to this blog post by copying and pasting my post to the Ygroup ‘Mods & Members’, Subject: ‘Trouble Signing Into Yahoo!’ Which does follow under one thing in Nightowl’s blog post: ‘sometimes people can’t even get logged in’.

    I did not read Nightowl’s blog post until after I had posted to Mods & Members.

    My reason for posting it was to see if others are having the same problem and to see if anyone has any solutions. Although on hindsight I am doubtful there is any solution at all and think that sadly it is just another thing to live with if continuing
    to use Yahelloooo! (Although, it is beyond me how someone can use Ymail, go to Ygroups if you can not even sign in.

    Luckily, although I should not have to do that I found other places where I could still sign in. Eg: one day for who knows why I stopped receiving any posts from ‘Mods & Members’ in my Ymail box. I checked my settings which still say I am suppose to receive individual emails from that group as I previously had and continue to do from other groups.

    In this comment, the words inside brackets [ ] are added from my original post to ‘Mods & Members’.


    Trouble Signing Into Yahoo!

    Is anyone else having trouble signing into Yahoo! from a Mobile device?

    On my iPad mini when I try signing into the Yahoo! Mobile site from Safari, I get the message ‘Invalid username / password, Please try again’. Therefore I can not read Ymail from there or go to Ygroups.

    However, the ‘Username / password’ are correct. When I use them on the Ymail app they work. They also worked when I tried them on a Mac.

    I checked my ‘Login activity’ while on the Mac, I could not find anywhere to do this on mobile Yahoo!, and found no suspicious logins.

    Also, I checked on my iPod touch to see if the problem also existed there. Surprise I had no problem signing in. (I will try to send this from there) Therefore it is not a Yahelloooo! mobile device problem as I had suspected, but some problem with Yahoo! and the iPad mini.

    [or more like a Yahelloooo! NEO problem, sometimes it works and sometimes it does not. The only thing consistent with Yahelloooo! is their ‘heartless’, ‘careless’ attitude.]


    [My reply to my post.]

    Thanks, Yahelloooo! for cramping my post all in together, making it difficult to be read.

    I really am ready to throw in the towel with Yahoo!, but I still do not know where else to go and my UK group is not going somewhere else. I want to continue with that group.

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