The Honeymoon Is Over For Marissa


The honeymoon is over,
And Mayer hasn’t shown,
any of the past success
Yahoo once had known.

The search function is iffy,
the mail works when it wants,
and sometimes when in Imap,
it hunts and hunts and hunts.

Groups have been dismantled,
the functions are a mess,
tons of data have been lost,
to everyone’s distress.

Nothing works correctly,
photos are all scrambled,
data bases decimated,
while Mayer sat and rambled,

“How wonderful the new design
would be for one and all.”
Without a clue that Yahoo
was so destined for a fall.

The core services have been destroyed,
the fight is nearly lost,
and it won’t be ’till the bitter end,
that the investors learn the cost.

Someone help us stop her,
before it is too late,
Save what’s left of Yahoo,
fix it’s muddled state.

Or the glory it once knew,
will fade into the air,
just because Marissa,
simply doesn’t care.

By Nightowl >8#
October 28, 2014

Owner/Moderator  of the
Yahoo Crusade Headquarters Blog.

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