YGroups Alternatives

Owl Banner Alternatives 2

Shown below is a list of alternatives to Yahoo groups that we have compiled.  This is only a portion of the complete table.

The complete table can be viewed by clicking on the following link:


It can also be downloaded from “The Owls Nest Archive,” which is an off-yahoo document storage site.  Following is the link to that site:


Some people are running test groups and reviewing the features, and we have invited alternate site owners to visit the Mods and Members Group and give us an overview of their features. If you have any questions about alternatives, RS and Duane are the ones in charge of these documents.

Provider Free
Yahoo Groups Yes
bigtent.com Yes
Cubits.org Yes
Freelists.org Yes
groups.google.com Yes
groups.io* Yes
groupsite.com No
GroupSpaces.com No
invisionfree.com Yes
nabble.com Yes
ning.com No
onlinegroups.net No
phpbb.com Yes
proboards.com Yes
qlubb.com Yes
tgethr.com Yes
wiggio.com Yes
yuku.com Yes
last updated 12/12/2015 19:55

*This is an EXCELLENT substitute for Yahoo Groups.  For more information, see Rescue Ship on the Horizon.


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