Rescue Ship on the Horizon!



Just when I thought we were finally sunk… to the rescue!

Remember when we asked for someone to build us our own platform for our groups to move to? We said if they’d code it, we would come.

Well, someone has! And not just ANY someone.  Nope.  This someone is Mark Fletcher, the creator of ONElist.

For those of you who don’t get that significance, ONElist is what eventually became the part of the basis for Yahoo Classic Groups.  You can read more about Mark and his history here.  But my point is that we have someone who was part of the beginnings of the original Yahoo Groups now working on a groups platform that very possibly can be our answer!

So far, both public and private groups are free, and there are some fees for some things like more storage and the ability to add members directly. I haven’t gotten any pricing from Mark, but you can post to him in the Beta group and ask.

Bear in mind, it’s still in Beta testing mode, but that’s more than we ever got when Yahoo hit us with NEO. Some things like photos and database are not yet implemented, but the creator is very open to input and suggestions and is encouraging people to join his Beta Test Group which can be found here.

There is also a TO DO List that Mark has created, that can be located here.  Features are the TO DO list and there are bugs and updates also on the site.

Meanwhile, if you want to check out this new Groups platform, test it out, make suggestions, and create your own group to play with, have at it! You can find it here.  Or you can join the test group Tyger and I are running, “Feathered Leader’s Nest,” MM Sanctuary.

Then please come back and give us some feedback either here or in Mods And Members, okay?

So what are you waiting for? Go check it out!

Nightowl >8#




What is is a Universe of Communities. Each community, called a Cubit, is a self-contained mini-website devoted to the specific interests of that community.

You have probably visited websites devoted to specific subjects. They usually contain forums, a member list, informational databases, file uploads, and the like. Each of these websites were painstakingly created by the website’s owner, who devoted hundreds of hours to putting it all together.

I have talked to many people in the past who have told me that they have a great interest in some subject, and would love to make a community website about it, but they don’t have the expertise to create it.

Thus, was created to let anybody start their own feature-rich community website. With no technical knowledge required, a person can come to and within minutes have their own community website ready for their members.

Why would I want to join are hundreds of different Cubits on this site, spreading across every interest imaginable. By signing up for the site, you will then have access to join as many different communities as you like.

You are free to just poke around and visit the various cubits, but if you want to post anything to any of the cubits, you’ll need to create a username.

It is our intention and goal to make this a fun, interesting, informative, interesting and addictive website. Come join us!

Who created was created by Dave Whitinger with the assistance of his wife, Trish.

In the mid 1990’s, Dave worked for IBM and later Red Hat, working on internet and Linux technologies. In the late 90’s he founded Linux Today, the world’s largest website devoted to Linux technologies.

 He later created Dave’s Garden and operated it until January, 2010. In July of 2011 he founded the new gardening site All Things Plants.

Do you charge for this service?We’re not charging anybody for any part of

Our vision is that we want to allow communities to have a centralized place where they can gather and do whatever it is they want to do.

At the same time, we also want to enable people to start their own business around their cubit.

 If you are successful in building a strong community (and we will help you do that!) there is the potential that your cubit can start generating income. The core of the business plan is to have a revenue-sharing system where income produced across the various cubits is shared with the owners of each cubit.

 We plan to soon offer cubit owners the opportunity to place relevant and tasteful advertisements on their cubits. There will be no popups or non-relevant advertising permitted anywhere on the site.

Who is responsible for setting policies over each cubit?The person who creates the cubit automatically becomes the “owner” of that cubit, and ultimately they are responsible for what goes on in their cubit.

 If you have a problem inside a cubit, you should contact the administration team of that cubit for assistance. You can always see the name of the owner of the cubit by looking in the right-hand bar.

Where can I post questions about Come and join the cubit.

Who designed that beautiful banner at the top of the homepage?That was created by the member rcn48 with input from many other members.

Other FAQ pages that may help you:» Questions about being a member at

Get answers to questions about how to sign up, how to use the site, how to set your member profile, post in the forums, etc.

» Cubit Owners

All the answers to questions about how to create and manage your own Cubit.