Here are some addresses to use to express your views on the changes to people with some influence over Yahoo.

For some ideas on what to write, look at the Letters Owl Sent.


One thought on “Contacts

  1. Way to go Owl on your WSJ contact, I read about under YM Bring Back Tabs post. I’m leaving you my recent post on there… it’s really shameful of Yahoo. “ALERT: THIS IS DESPICABLE!!! I knew I smelled a rat! For the last few days I’ve been checking Yahoo Mail Help screens for POP & Forwarding (I’m not as tech savvy as many on here) that noted that these features were down currently and they were working to get them up shortly. I had set up a personal user Zoho account (not able to IMAP, but POP only) and the pre-test failed to move over my Yahoo Mail inbox. After going into Yahoo Account settings (from Basic), there is a notation on POP & Forwarding settings that are now back in the list, saying this is ONLY AVAILABLE TO YAHOO MAIL PLUS (paid) CUSTOMERS NOW! Our voices in this forum are not being heard as we would wish, but in a bad way… HOLDING THE EXODUS OF ITS DEPARTING-USERS-IN-DROVES IN CHECK [originally “HOSTAGE”, but censored before I reposted using “IN CHECK”]!!! aka FORCING US TO KEEP OUR ACCOUNTS OPEN TO CHECK BACK/SALVAGE MAIL THAT WE CAN’T MOVE!!! Shame on you Yahoo for your back-door sniveling tactics. I’m really ticked!!!!”

    Feel free to ad this to wherever you may deem needed in your crusade.
    Susanoz on Yahoo Forum – Bring Back Tabs

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