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To clear up any confusion, this blog was originally created as a site for Yahoo Groups Users in regard to preserving Classic Groups.  Since then we have invited other unhappy Yahoo users to join our crusade. Hence, there was not a Groups page on top because the whole thing was for Groups originally.

We have now adjusted our blog to accommodate everyone. We changed the name from “Mods and Members Support Blog” to “Yahoo Users Crusade Headquarters.”  Our original Yahoo group name didn’t change, though, and you can find it here.

And we added pages for various user services of Yahoo. As a result, since some of this was really done on-the-fly as the need arose, we’re still a little bit under construction here and there. So we ask you to please bear with us as we work to get things updated and changed.

If you want to leave a comment about how Neo has affected your Yahoo group, you can either leave a comment on this page  or go to the following categories and select a story on which you’d like to comment:

  • Groups Gone Wrong – to tell us about bugs, annoyances, and other aggravating changes you’ve encountered since the onset of Neo
  • Fixing Neo – for suggestions or stories about bugs in Neo Groups,  how to fix them or just pointing them out.
  • Impact Stories – for stories about how Neo has impacted different types of group users in life-altering ways; these were actually submitted to me by users.
  • Trench Stories – for stories taken from the User Voice Forum, which I like to call the Feedback Trench; these are users with whom I had some interaction and actually got to “know,” so I am more emotionally connected to them.

If you want to submit an actual story, use one of the options on the Posting Guidelines page.

One last note:  If you’re looking for a new home for your group, you might find some helpful information on our Groups Alternatives page.

Thank you, and if you have any problems figuring out how to submit a story or comment, don’t hesitate to ask.


3 thoughts on “Groups

  1. Many groups have Albums with pictures. My group is primarily a picture group and has over 1000 albums which we have been accumulating since October 2008 when Yahoo gave us the ability. Some of the other groups with albums have lost some or all of them, the same for Archives.

    My problems are:

    No First, Last, Previous, Next links so you can navigate the Albums site or a single album. That at least helped get you somewhere close to what you needed in Classic. It wasn’t optimum but it helped.

    I have been asking for a search engine for the Albums area ever since 2008. One where we can type in the name of the album or inside the album the name of the picture if we know it – so far Yahoo has not even bothered to answer or address the issue.

    The back arrow on your personal browser (I use IE and Firefox) won’t work to take you back to where you were, with the old Classic you could back up a few clicks and be there. Now it takes you back to the first page of the album or the first page of the entire album site, were you do not want to be if you are loading pictures into several albumns at a time.

    The albums won’t stay in order nor will the pictures, they keep going back to “last entered or last used” and you have to click on the Alphabetical for the albums area or the First inside an album,which is a large pain in the neck or lower down.

    The pictures are so large on the main album page you can only see about 12 at a time, we need the thumbnails back where we had at least 20 per page, they were small but seeable and workable.

    We can no longer delete or move groups of pictures to another album when needed, you have to do it one at a time.

    The loader as with the old classic one WILL NOT load pictures in order, which means a lot of time re-arranging things. I’ve yelled to fix this since they put in the batch loader sometime in 2009 or 2010

    Rearranging is a nightmare, used to be you clicked on the pic, held down the mouse button, moved the arrow and it ran up to where you wanted it and you just released the button and it fell into place.. No more, oh, it runs alright, but not smoothly or easily, and it drops into the wrong area plus it takes forever to rearrange a group.

    Also the thumbnails are so small within the rearrange area that you can not see what you are moving which makes it interesting trying to get things in order. Used to be the thumbnails were at least large enough to be easily seen.

    The list of albums on the drop down screen when you go to move a picture from one to another is not alphabetical as it used to be which means it takes a lot of time to find the proper album to move it too.

    Loading is a nightmare, they have this little ‘can’t load’ message but they do not tell you why you can’t load – is it a BMP that is so large it’s got the loader stuck, is it too many pictures at a time, is it too much KB at a time, would be nice to know.

    They no longer adjust the pictures for you, used to be we got a thumbnail and a regular picture that was around 500 pixels by 300 pixels, if your picture was larger it was adjusted down. This size was nice enough to see, even save. Now it’s the size we put in which eats up the GB you are allowed faster and if it’s a BMP it eats it up 10 times faster, BMP should be outlawed and a notification that this is a BMP and not allowed put as part of the notifications when you “can’t load”.

    Album’s should not be reordered by Yahoo, that is none of their business!!! That should be the user, moderator or owner’s choice as they are working the area. Plus they should stay put until the next person goes to look or work them. Same is true for the pictures within an Album.

    I had my groups albums all neatly arranged into groups using numbers and letters before the name to keep them in order; for instance all items dealing with jokes, tags, a special holiday like Christmas, etc were in the same area, now they are all scattered over 80 some pages,.

    The banner at the bottom that states the name of the album is WAY too large and sometimes overs up half the picture, it should be small and it doesn’t have to give all the information just the name “Vintage Cars” or “Tags, Animal” or Christmas, Bells, or 2013 September.

    The entire album area has become a total nightmare to work and navigate with NEO

  2. Okay, Front Page Pain in the Neck Gripes:

    Each pending post is fully shown instead of in a list as with Classic. I don’t need to go through 20 inches of one post to get to the bottom to see the next post or approve it. That is time consuming.

    Plus the entire operation jumps around and I find myself missing a post or not being able to find it in the first try, this didn’t happen with Classic and it shouldn’t happen with NEO.

    The approve, delete, edit etc should be at the TOP where it originally was. And when you delete you should be able to send a note along with the deleted or rejected post so the person knows WHY. Many of us have content rules for our sites, and some of our members forget or don’t know them, a note helps remind.

    The pending posts should be in a LIST as with Classic if you need to open one to read before approval or to edit give us that option and stop taking up a zillion inches of post page while you show everything in every post.

    Your ads get lost on the right hand side after you get a few inches down on the post so it’s not doing you any good. Put the posts back in a list.

    Why can’t I see pictures in some of the pending posts I get, YET they come through just fine when sent. How am I suppose to tell if they are proper to approve if I can see them and all I see is a red x or a link, etc. SHOW ME THE PIC.

    With NEO I have discovered I am getting more and more Red X’s when a post is sent. I know this is because the pictures are inserts, but with Classic I rarely got this problem. Why is NEO so snooty about inserted items. It shouldn’t be.

    Put the various areas of the site back on the left hand side, finding them across the top is a pain in the neck; they should be to the left and easily seen and read, I don’t need to know who my groups are, I already have them on my favorite list and a simple link that says Groups like you have Mail is across the top is quite sufficient.

    I want the ability to put MY OWN PICTURE on the front page not the banner you choose which 99.9% has absolutely nothing to do with the site. I used to change our front page picture to reflect the season or the holiday with a note on it if needed like Merry Christmas, now it’s like BLASEVILLE and doesn’t denote anything. Might as well be blank.

    I tried changing it as per instructions and guess what, it stayed there until I left the site, then it went right back to the stupid Yahoo banner. What’s more it didn’t show on the various areas of the site only on the front page. Yes I tried making a banner and it was the right size and IT STILL DIDN’T STICK.

    I also want the lower area to reflect how many posts we send out daily, this tells possible members what to expect as to quantity in their e=box.

    I want my site out from the Adult area, it’s not been adult since it was instigated back in 2002, yet Yahoo has had us behind this wall for two years, and before that it went there several times, but I was able to get Yahoo to put it back into the proper family area, this time NO ONE is listening. Plus you won’t tell us why.

  3. On 10/13/2013 Dash wrote: I have over 100 groups I am in. I own about maybe 6 -10 or am a moderator on them. I can’t even manage my groups. I put my curser there and they all disappear. I thought after time this would change, but it is insane.. I have never seen Yahoo make such a mess. I am going to be deleting many of my groups if this doesn’t “fix” and am already joining one that has moved.


    (Posted For Dash by Nightowl >8#)

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