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Hello, I’m Nightowl >8# – aka @feathered leader.

Welcome to the Yahoo Users Crusade Headquarters Blog!

We’re constantly updating this blog as information becomes available, so if you have any questions or can’t find what you need, please let us know.

If you’d like to submit a post or comment on an existing post, keep reading!



Here are the options:

1. Send a story for the blog to me at owlsy (at) Yahoo (dot) com and I’ll post it.

2. Go to the relevant page for your section or choose a post on the blog and leave a comment in the reply box at the bottom of the post.

3. You can also join our group, ModsAndMembers, to post your comment there and tell us where you want it in the blog.


1. No flaming of Yahoo or others (i.e. rants, extreme cursing, bad taste images).

2. Post in a careful, controlled manner, stick to the facts, and tell us the story.

3. Keep in mind as you post that this is a completely public site.  We have opened this blog up as a showcase for the media, stockholders, and advertisers. Let’s show them we aren’t just a bunch of users who hate change. Let’s show them the truth, that NEO has been decimating our archives and destroying people’s lives. Let’s prove to them that NEO cannot be a substitute platform for Classic Groups and that it’s causing real harm to very real people.

All postings are moderated, so we will refuse any comments that we think will be detrimental to the goal of the crusade; optionally, we can edit and then post them if you want.

We are trying to show the world that we are organized, rational, and knowledgeable. Please keep that in mind as you participate here.


We have three teams all working here together to help people cope with the chaos of NEO. Team A is Fight, Team B is Flee, and Team C is Fix.

NOTE: Many of us are on more than one team, so I can’t list who is on which one. If you need to contact a team member, let us know and we’ll tell you who to contact. I am not putting contact info here for individual members until I have permission, so asking me is a good place to start.

Also, my twitter ID is @featheredleader

TEAM A – FIGHT: Uniting to stop NEO and roll it back to Classic Groups Format.

For FIGHT, The team is led by me,  Nightowl >8#.  It includes my Mods And Members Group, the Teen’s group SAYNO2NEO, the Facebook Page headed up by Jan, and the Owl’s Nest Archives, which is an off-Yahoo file storage site.

We have gathered a number of resources together, including Contact Information for stockholders, executives, advertisers, and a number of media.

We are also in the process of contacting the DOJ regarding the disabled issues.

Recently we remodeled  our blog and welcomed all disgruntled Yahoo users of any service to join in our fight.  We made pages for them and are now  all working together.

The more we unite, participate, and stand together against what Yahoo has done to us, the better our chance of winning!


TEAM B – FLEE: Assisting users in recovering lost data where possible, researching alternative sites for relocating their groups, and helping groups flee from Yahoo with as little disruption as possible.

For FLEE, the team is led by Matthew. It includes my Mods and Members Group and the Owls Nest Archives.  You can contact him at @n8ohu on Twitter or leave a comment for him on the Alternatives page.

We are here to help those Yahoo users who are done with Yahoo recover their archives, check out other alternatives (yes, there are a lot more than just Google), and relocate.

We have invited alternative group hosting sites to come and explain what they are about. We have also started a Group Alternatives Comparison in pdf format that you can download.

We are working to get the alternative information pulled together as fast as we can; we just started last week. So far there is only one summary, for Cubits, a brief clickable table of whether their service is free or not, and another larger clickable table with their features listed.  We will add to the reviews as soon as we can.

If you want specific information about one of the alternatives or would like to submit something such as a review or experience with one, please e-mail them to me at the e-mail address above or make a comment.


TEAM C – FIX: This team is headed by Shal Farley and includes the wiki that he is working on, the Yahoo Group of Groups, and the Group Managers Forum. Shal hasn’t had a chance to get his page started yet, but feel free to leave comments for him in the Fixing NEO category.

Shal’s team is here to document the problems with NEO and help users who are stuck in it to navigate the NEO interface and find workarounds where possible. The two groups that he is part of are also involved in this venture.

Please let us know if you have any suggestions. We’re here to help!

Nightowl >8#


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