To Stockholders

To (name of Stockholder)

My name is Brenda (Last name removed).

I wrote you an e-mail on 9/30/13 about the state of Yahoo Groups and how what is being done to them will be impacting the financial health of Yahoo. We are unable to use the new Neo interface, and there has been a mass exodus from Yahoo Groups and all things Yahoo.

Users continue to complain daily in the Uservoice Feedback area:

People are still leaving daily as well, writing and stating they plan to boycott advertisers, contacting the media, and contacting government officials

Neo is not useable for disabled and elderly people, and many of us are rallying to defend them. Yahoo told someone that they did not design Neo to work on older systems, OSs, and that they won’t function. Essentially, Yahoo has cut out a gigantic slice of its revenue, user base, and advertiser eyeballs by this unethical move.

A group of 1,300+ teenagers and young adults have formed their own group to join in our fight. They were part of a 130,000 member group network that was disbanded because of Neo. You can read about this here:

To remind/inform you of some of the damage that has been done:

On  9/27/13, 29,000 members in a 38,000-member group quit.

Another 500,000 members are ready to leave if nothing is done!

This details some of the groups that have left and their member counts.

(I am still tallying it as fast as I can.)

And many users are selling their stock:

When people began asking Yahoo what had happened in their Uservoice Feedback area, at first they denied it. Then Yahoo finally admitted that they threw unsuspecting users into a beta test mode called Neo with no warning and no instruction. People then began to ask to get out of the test and were told they could not. This was completely unethical and not the way to treat their loyal user base that has supported them for many, many years.

Moderation tools are still broken, groups still do not function, and privacy was violated in the Freecycle groups with private personal contact information for their users being sent out to the entire group of 19,000 people.

People’s archives are still inaccessible; many with photos and information still gone – years of research in some cases – and users are heartbroken. These are veterans; elderly people; disabled people; people who used the groups for critical support purposes for medical issues, depression and suicide; and even abused women.

So much devastation so needlessly done to people, many who had started these groups in 1997 when they first began as ONEList! And still, nothing! Yahoo is still doing nothing!

Yahoo SVP Jeff Bonforte has been reading my group, but also still doing nothing!

So we’ve been mobilizing against Neo, which is an entirely non-functional, failure that is causing users to flee Yahoo faster than a sinking ship.

This uprising isn’t about not liking change. This is about real world harm being done to real people and a system that does not work. Thousands and thousands of people are pleading with Yahoo daily to stop this change, and nothing has been done.

This has gone on for over two months with the only answers being canned ones claiming they care or are fixing things (which have not been fixed).

NEO is nonfunctional, and if Yahoo doesn’t roll back this NEO and restore our Classic Groups, Yahoo will continue to lose their users, and more people will sell stock, until there will be no one left to visit their ad pages, and your bottom dollar will suffer.

Please feel free to come to my group (it’s public to read) and see what I’m talking about.

There are also a number of files on an off-Yahoo site:

Please warn the financial community and any stockholders about this impending disaster and help us to stop it before it has too much of an impact on your financial health!

Thank you, and feel free to reprint anything in this letter or at the links.

If you want any further information, don’t hesitate to ask.  I have a lot of links to support my statements and did not include them all in this letter.

Brenda (last name removed)

Nightowl >8#

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