To the Board Chairman

Dear Yahoo Board members,

I am Nightowl >8#, and I created the group

We stood against the changes to our Classic Groups in 2010/2011, and we won. Hundreds of thousands of groups were saved, and you retained their memberships.

This time they are not waiting to see if we can win the fight. They are leaving by the thousands daily. If you do not stop NEO in its tracks and return everyone to normal Classic function, over a million people plan to leave by Friday, and that’s only what I managed to count.

If you want NEO to even have a chance, you need to give people a choice. Forcing these changes on people randomly who did not volunteer to be your testers is raising elderly people’s blood pressure, causing life-saving medical information to be lost, risking the severely ill’s lives when they can’t get to their informational groups, exposing protected groups to serious privacy issues, rendering the groups completely useless to the disabled, blind, etc.

This is not working like this, and this time people are actually leaving. People are writing advertisers and saying they are boycotting them. People are selling off their Yahoo stock and heading for the hills. People are contacting the ADA about unfairness to the disabled and elderly.

You can save this. You can stop this mass exodus, which gets larger with every second that passes. Order a stop to this roll-out. Put NEO in beta testing and ask for volunteers to try it out. Stop making it random. Stop forcing it on people who simply can’t handle it.

If you are determined to do this, do it right. Gather real feedback from the owners and moderators. Consider the disabled, blind, deaf, impaired. Consider the elderly, and realize they simply can’t do what you are asking them to do in NEO. Consider the privacy of people and how it has been lost.

But if you don’t do it quickly, there will be no one left here to complain. And I’m not exaggerating.

You are more than welcome to come to my group and check things out. It’s public; you do not have to join to read anything.

And go here to this thread:

There are 34,443 votes against NEO right now. Check that number in an hour. Better yet, check it in ten minutes. You have already lost so many people. You can stop this panic and restore order. Hurry before it’s too late.

Incidentally, since I typed that number, it is now 34,494 votes. That’s 51 more votes in less than two minutes. There were 68 pages more in the thread in two days. Your Yatanic is sinking; plug the hole before the lifeboats leave.

Now the vote count says 34,518.

Brenda (removed last name)
Nightowl >8#
Owner/Moderator of Mods and Members

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