To the Department of Justice

October 15, 2013

To the DOJ,

My name is Brenda and I am heading up a fight to stop Yahoo from destroying people’s lives. Recently, Yahoo rolled out a new interface to their Classic Groups, called NEO. Problem was, it was untested and broken, and doesn’t work in so many cases. But moreso than that, it failed to work with disability enabled devices such as voice recognition software, and screen readers for the blind.

In 2010, I successfully headed up a similar fight to stop a remodel of the Classic Groups by Yahoo. I created a group for that purpose, called Mods and Members. You can find it here:

This time though, the damage is so much worse. Not only are people losing their archives and precious photos and things in the Neo changeover, some are also losing their only link to the outside world. Bedridden people can’t use it because it won’t work on mobile platforms, despite being supposedly created for that. Blind readers are having seizures and vertigo among other symptoms because the new wildly moving ads are not able to be turned off. People with mobility and hand/wrist issues are unable to manage what has come to be called “the maniac mouse shuffle” and putting their archives in an endless scroll hurts their hands and arms.

In addition, Yahoo has seemingly turned their back on these people, leaving them to complain endlessly in their uservoice forum. Some are so depressed they want to kill themselves. I and my teams have been doing all we can to encourage them to hang in there, that we are trying to get this chaotic mess stopped. Is there anything the DOJ can do? Yahoo used to be ADA compliant, according to what I’ve read, and now they are blatantly disregarding the needs of these people.

If this is not the place to make this request, please either forward this message to it or respond and tell me where to write and I will. I called the switchboard today, and since no one was in, she gave me this e-mail to contact you.

Thank you sincerely, and I hope that you can help these people.


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