YMail Alternatives

For information on how to map an e-mail client, click here.  For a comparison list of e-mail clients, click here.

Here are some free e-mail services that are potential replacements for YMail users.

GMX Mail






OUTLOOK MAIL (does not require you to use MS Outlook)






14 thoughts on “YMail Alternatives

  1. I find inbox.com most similar to yahoo! Classic !! HOWEVER, they offer two different versions and one is called “Inbox.com Webmail 2012 Beta” and the beta version is NOT like Yahoo Classic. Fortunately, they have it set up where you have to CHOOSE the “beta 2012” version everytime you are signing in so I simply avoid choosing that one and then I get a product similar to what I was used to before Yahoo screwed everything up !!

    • Unfortunately, the very fact that there even is this unwelcome beta version suggests to me that they are planning to pull the same horrible “upgrade” on their users which is making us long time Yahoo Mail users look for alternatives now.

      • Hi dbay !! I also thought of that too but the one thing that gives me hope that maybe they won’t do the same thing Yahoo did is that they claim they listen closely to their users and base any changes on user input. I haven’t yet moved all my stuff over there so I will just wait and see and hope for the best.

      • I stopped halfway through account creation because:
        – Toolbar installation required. (to me toolbars are malware)
        – Attaches ads to your outgoing email. (this would make one’s emails look very unprofessional; plus possibly malware can be distributed through one’s emails that way)

    • Having ruled out some of the services listed here based on bad reviews or deal breaking info available up front (gmx, My Way Mail) and others after testing revealed they allow no true tabbed email (true = background loading browser tabs), I was able to confirm that Safe-Mail does indeed offer these essential features lost to the death of the old YM:
      1.) browser-tabbed webmail allowing multi-tasking
      2.) auto-completing addresses
      3.) quick-click-adding of senders or addressees to contacts.
      4.) Controls you don’t have to unhide before you can use them.

      Yay! 🙂 The measly 3MB (yes MB, not GB!) storage limit makes me wonder though.

      • P.S.: Sorry, I forgot. The ones which failed the test were lycos, aol, and zoho. (not all of them listed here… directly)

  2. I’ve just started using Zoho mail and it is excellent. Very similar to the old Yahoo mail with tabs (once you enable them in settings), and very fast. Not buggy like gmx mail. I highly recommend it for refugees from Yahoo Mail’s horrible changes.

    • Sadly, Zoho only sports fake tabs (multiple layers within a small area of one single browser tab) same as YM just brought back. They are to real tabs (browser tabs) what crutches are to a pickup truck, meaning you (A) quickly run out of room, (B) can’t load them in the background so as not to loose the spot where you are in your email list and avoid wasting time watching them load, (C) lose them all when that single browser tab containing your YM portal gets closed or reloaded or between browser sessions, (D) can’t group or rearrange them. These are big differences for me. I have oceans of email to wade through. Therefore I need the industrial strength workhorse YM was for at least a decade. I have no use for shiny little toys just strong enough to handle the odd tweet-sized email once or twice a day. Handling my load with the new YM, Zoho, Gmail or any other such look-alikes is well near impossible and way too time consuming and frustrating, especially with all the referencing and back and forth copying I have to do. Still, I need the mobility, so a powerful local email client is no option, either. *sigh*

    • Could it be that the version which I was able to use until this dreadful summer of 2013 was a version of YM even older than what other people call Yahoo Classic? Zoho mail, sadly, reminds me of one of the “upgraded” YM versions inflicted on me this year. Namely, instead of letting me open emails in real browser tabs, it uses FAKE tabs (layers within one and the same browser tab). I need to be able to open a lot of real browser tabs which will load in the background, don’t all disappear irrevocably when the wrong tab is closed or reloaded, and which persist across sessions. I also could not get auto-adding of contacts to work in Zoho Mail, btw. In the old YM, I could add senders or recipients to my contacts with one click. That plus REAL tabs plus address auto-completion made the old YM fast and easy and a workhorse for managing shiploads of email efficiently.

  3. If you want to use a web mail service, consider using the one that belongs to your own internet service provider – such as cox.net, comcast.net, earthlink.net and so on. They are all free. Earthlink only gives you 100 MB of space free at this time, but that has been sufficient for me for 20 years. I just delete the older stuff every so often – no big deal. They also give you alias email addresses, At the click of a button they will give you 10 free email addresses that are “sub” under your regular one, and you can use these as throw-aways when you want to register for something but don’t want to give your regular address. All emails from them will then go to the throw away adress and you can look at them when you want to. They wil show up in the throw-away’s inbox not your regular one.

    They will also give you at least 5 alternate regular email addresses which you can use for various things – for example, one or two for different Yahoo Groups, one for work, one for personal and so on. Comcast does the same. I don’t know about other providers.

    If they are not your internet service provider I believe you can still use their email – the fee is $11.95 a month I think, but you can check that yourself. You can also have an email program on your computer go and get your email from your intenet service provider’s website so you never have to go to the website at all. It is much faster and then all your email is on your computer, available all the time, no waiting for anything to load, and you can read even if you are offline.

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