NEO Issues

Owl Frazzled 2

NOTE FROM NIGHTOWL:  This information was collected from a number of Group and Mail users and compiled and edited by me and my assistant editor so that what is fixed one day and broken again the next can be changed in an instant.  Also, many items are fixed for some, but not for others.  We will do our best to update this when possible; just realize the statuses are always in flux.


  • Users were changed to NEO at different times, even within the same Group, causing a lot of confusion and chaos.
  • Banners were added with “generic” photos that were often inappropriate for the Group’s purpose. – This can be changed now with difficulty, but not by all users.
  • Original Home Page pictures were returned, but lower on the page and forced into a specific configuration, resulting in many incorrectly displayed photos. – not fixed
  • If the Group title had a subtitle, only the subtitle is displayed on the Home Page. – not fixed
  • Many users cannot get their Groups to load at all. – not fixed
  • You can no longer set a group to plain text, which is a feature that can eliminate problems with readability on the user’s end, among other advantages. – not fixed
  • There’s no longer a way to disallow HTML coding in messages to the Group. – not fixed
  • Groups are less intuitive; action options have been moved, hidden, and renamed, requiring more time to complete frequently performed actions. –not fixed
  • Menus have been hidden and actions are not always logically grouped. – not fixed
  • Back arrow on browser no longer returns one to a previous Groups area. – not fixed
  • The Members list is now presented on one continuous page, which can require extensive scrolling to locate what is needed. –not fixed
  • After saving changes made to member information, you’re sent back to the member list instead of returning to the member changed so you can confirm that the change registered. – not fixed
  • The search function for members, contacts, and messages is unreliable. – fixed for some
  • Event Calendar no longer functions correctly. – not fixed
  • Group Activity Log is not accessible to non-members – fixed
  • Member list can still be made accessible to public by owner but, finding how to view it isn’t obvious. – partially fixed
  • Ability to delete a group, leave a group, or remove a member was lost for a period of time and is still a problem for many. – partially fixed
  • Yahoo requires captcha not only to form a group, but to join a group (which is not wanted by many group owners), and the characters are difficult to read; users who once enter the wrong characters receive an “Incorrect Captcha Answer” message repeatedly unless they leave the site and re-enter to try again, even if they enter a subsequent code correctly. –not fixed
  • Yahoo now requires a cell phone number in order to obtain a user ID, which is discriminatory. – not fixed
  • Some users were unable to join Groups initially, and this is still an intermittent problem. – partially fixed
  • Some users have been unable to create a new Group in NEO. – not fixed
  • Difficulty in loading pages still plagues some users. – not fixed
  • Many Groups no longer appear in the right categories or lists and are harder to locate for those searching for them. – not fixed
  • Some users’ Groups disappeared entirely and haven’t been found.- not fixed
  • Subcategories for Group classifications have mainly disappeared, and large public Groups are now intermingled with smaller private Groups, making it harder to locate Groups for specific interests. – not fixed


  • Message archives are inaccessible and irretrievable for many Groups. Many users lost irreplaceable data because they had no warning to archive it before the change. – not fixed
  • Message archives, whether containing 50 or 150,000 messages, are now in an endless scroll, causing hardship for motor-impaired users. – not fixed
  • Changes in HTML coding adversely affected groups, who are dependent on it, including one with 500,000 users. – not fixed
  • Clickable links on Yahoo group digests do not work. –not fixed
  • Links sent in messages to Groups do not always show up. – partially fixed
  • Newest responses to messages are now above the original message, making it necessary to read from bottom to top. – not fixed
  • Messages can be sorted by conversations or chronological order, but there’s no way to set a default order; they re-sort themselves after you leave the page. – not fixed
  • Previously read messages are not always indicated as read; it can be hard to know where to start reading or which message you want to reply to without reading some more than once. – fixed for some
  • Replying to a message on the site has a ridiculously small window to work in. –not fixed
  • Messages no longer include the text that’s being replied to without having to scroll down and find the controls to show it, and then there are huge gaps of space between sections of text. –not fixed
  • Member’s username and ID no longer appear at the top of the message, only the user’s first name or nickname; this is a real complication to be able to tell between members with similar names for larger Groups. –not fixed


  • Many users are unable to access or retrieve their photos. –not fixed
  • Photos were removed from their original albums, scrambled and rearranged and sorting the thumbnails won’t hold so they scramble again. – not fixed
  • Each photo now has a black veil with white writing superimposed on it, placing the description on top of the photo via a mouse-over. – not fixed
  • The time consumed to load pictures into albums has tripled. – not fixed
  • After making a change to a photo, you’re sent back to the first page of photos instead of returning to the photo changed so you can confirm the change has been made. –not fixed
  • The photo album list is no longer alphabetical, so when transferring a picture from one to album to another you have to scroll through a long list to find the right one. –not fixed
  • You could not make a new empty photo album for a while; then when you could make a new album, you couldn’t upload photos into it for a while. – fixed for some
  • There is no way to keep a group of pictures together in an album and sorted as to what comes first or second in a picture story, etc.; they are strung out all through the entire album. – not fixed
  • Albums and photos within an album will not stay in the alphabetical or numerical listings you have set up for them. – not fixed
  • The default sort for photos is by date, which is ineffective since the dates were changed as of the NEO update, and the manual sort that is available cannot be made the default. – not fixed
  • The “right click” option to download photos is no longer available, and some members are unable to download photos at all. – partially fixed
  • You can no longer specify the order in the photo loader in which photos will appear when uploaded as a group, and sorting them after uploading is futile since the sort will not hold. – not fixed


  • Moderator functions became severely crippled, plus the controls were hidden, so moderators have to search for them, and many times, they don’t work. – partially fixed
  • Spammers were able to overrun many groups due to Moderators not being able to control them anymore; many Groups just surrendered and gave up due to this problem caused by: 1) inability to pre-ban known spammers; 2) not being able to see the joining member’s e-mail setting; and 3) messages appearing as blank in preview mode. – partially fixed
  • Moderators can no longer set a default display for the member list, which requires time-consuming repetitive steps. – not fixed
  • Some Moderators/Owners no longer receive notification when a member leaves. – partially fixed
  • Moderators/Owners can no longer see the photos in pending posts so they can’t view them before approving them. – partially fixed
  • Many posts show photos only if the photos are attachments; embedded photos might or might not show. – not fixed
  • Pending posts are no longer shown as a list; instead, all pending posts open at once in a long scroll, and after approving or rejecting messages, the list appears in a new sort order. – not fixed
  • It is now extremely tedious to find the controls and edit pending posts. – partially fixed
  • Editing a pending reply has a ridiculously small window to work in. – not fixed
  • It is no longer clear when pending posts will expire, it can be as short as 3 days. – not fixed
  • User logs tend to miss logging activities or log them incompletely. – not fixed
  • Moderators are unable to export complete member lists consisting of more than over a certain number of users. – not fixed
  • Automated notices no longer work in all Groups, so some have to be sent out manually. – not fixed
  • Moderators can no longer send pending members an automated message. – not fixed
  • The ability to reject a message is no longer reliable. – partially fixed
  • For some Moderators, going to the All My Groups page does not display all the pending tasks. – not fixed


  • Excessive use of drop-down menus and mouse-over controls is a hardship for the elderly, the disabled, and users with limited motor function. – not fixed
  • The flashing, moving advertisements cause physical harm to elderly users and those with disabilities and PTSD, and users with mild vision issues struggle to cope. – not fixed
  • Screenreaders no longer function for users with visual impairments, and the tiny type and grey-on-white design is difficult to read for many users as well. – not fixed
  • Users with limited motor function are unable to use their voice recognition software on the site. – not fixed
  • NEO Groups are not compatible with older computers and cause problems for many newer computers as well. – not fixed


  • The NEOized Groups don’t function properly on mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, causing huge problems for homebound users who rely on them. – not fixed
  • Because you can’t zoom in on mobile devices, the controls are inaccessible via the pinch out (finger spread) gesture. – not fixed
  • Mobile displays are different from desktop displays, including missing the sidebar and help controls. – not fixed


  • The databases are severely crippled despite a recent update to accommodate special accented characters in some languages (French, Swedish, Spanish, etc.) that became unreadable; they’ve since fixed the accented characters, but the functioning of the database remains severely crippled. – partially fixed
  • In many Groups, users are unable to save changes and update databases, and only the person who created it can edit it. – not fixed
  • Files are intermittently broken or inaccessible. – partially fixed
  • Existing links and file names with accented characters did not update when Yahoo fixed the same problem in the database and now have to be re-entered individually to display correctly. – not fixed


  • Breakdowns in Yahoo Mail tend to wreak havoc on Groups functions until Mail is up again. – partially fixed
  • Many Yahoo Mail users experience intermittent problems loading pages – not fixed
  • Mail is slow to update, sometimes opens the wrong message, loses saved messages in progress, and even has messages disappear indiscriminately. – not fixed
  • When reading e-mail, if you return to the inbox, it sends you to the top of the list instead of to the next unread message. – not fixed
  • Clicking the back button from an e-mail message results in leaving the e-mail box completely, not returning to the list. – not fixed
  • Some buttons to modify mail settings on Groups have no code attached and therefore are nonoperational. – not fixed
  • Forwarding an e-mail message from basic format produces a garbled, unreadable message. – not fixed
  • Different functions are available in basic and upgraded e-mail options, requiring users to switch back and forth to accomplish different tasks. –not fixed
  • Imap and Ipop do not perform reliably with e-mail clients. – not fixed
  • Users can no longer select mail delivery options (individual e-mails, digest, etc.) unless they use Yahoo e-mail, and even then, it’s more complicated – partially fixed
  • The “send” button to respond to messages in a group is now at the bottom of the page, below all messages, instead of at the top, requiring more scrolling to respond online to messages. – not fixed
  • Sometimes when trying to copy and paste to a message, the entire copy appears in the “To” field. – not fixed
  • Mail address book is now presented on one continuous page, which can require extensive scrolling to locate what is needed. –not fixed
  • It is no longer easy to format messages (font style, color, size) in Mail, so you never know what received messages will look like; plus, there’s very wide spacing between blocks of text. – not fixed
  • For messages to the group, it is now a multi-step process to respond to a specific member off-list. –not fixed
  • Since all messages display on the same endless scroll page, the”Delete All” function is useless; you have to click every message individually for it to be included in the delete selection. –not fixed





One thought on “NEO Issues

  1. Looks like offlist replies from groups is no longer working.The option for an individual email is still there in the drop-down options box, but underneath it says that the response will be sent to the group. It says this for *all* drop down options, now. I’ve already experienced the embarrassment of sending personal info to a group, and it’s happening to others too. Not good 😦

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