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Answers, Flicker, Sports, Tumblr etc.

NOTE: We currently do not have anyone to head up this page. If you are interested, please let us know. You can make a comment on this page, or you can  contact Nightowl at @featheredleader or at owlsy (at) yahoo (dot) com for details.


However, you can still leave a comment on this page. I will get this page finished as soon as I can.

Thanks in advance for your patience.



2 thoughts on “Other Services

  1. We need help with Yahoo Answers. Yahoo has forced this horrible purple nightmare format on us – purple is broken – there was nothing wrong with the original green format.

    Please help us.

  2. I’m sorry, Laura, but I fear there is no help for Y!A. Having been a member there for the past five years, I can only feel sympathy for those, perhaps like yourself, who still cling to the notion that Yahoo will do something to correct their misguided decision to change their format across all lines (Groups, Mail, Answers, etc).

    I made the painful decision to quit Y!A in January 2014. I still checked-in about once a month thru the Canadian connection as they were still Green but, once they went Purple, I quit altogether.

    And now, even the old Suggestion Board, which I would check-in with from time-to-time, has been disabled in favour of some cockamamie ‘Answers new Suggestion Board’ which is obviously their abortive attempt to placate the users into believing that they’ve actually got a place to go to find out what’s what. Like the rest of what Yahoo has done, the new ‘Suggestion Board’ is a pointless rabbit-hole.

    In the end, while I’m as upset as everyone else regarding Yahoo’s changes, the fact remains that they’re a company who can do whatever they want. That they’ll eventually put themselves out of business goes without saying.

    That they have proved themselves to be wholly crass and vulgar in their machinations, at least as regards their complete lack of regard for their users, reminds us of one unrelenting fact: the only constant is ‘change’.

    Yahoo didn’t shoot themselves in the foot, they put a bullet in their head and their demise is only a matter of time.

    What’s left for us, the users, is to find a new place to go. And to remember not to trust the new place either, *sigh*. Sad but true.

    Perhaps what we need to do is to take this hard-internet-lesson and, when we do find that new place to go, set-up a contact point with those we become attached to if-and-when the new place takes a nose-dive too.

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