Tallying The Exodus

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On this page we plan to gather the numbers of users who have left and the number and names of groups that have been deleted.

I started a table in Excel that logs many departures from Yahoo. I counted those departures in what I like to call “The Feedback Trench,” the uservoice forums.

I hope to get an image of what I have compiled so far. I know it’s estimated that between 1 and 2 million have left, but I have actually so far documented only about half a million. It’s a lot to go through and count. Plus, there are a lot of entries where people say they deleted their groups and are leaving, but there are no numbers.

One reason the number varies is because Naveed, for example, decided to stay and fight awhile longer. He has 500,000+ members. That was the number for the half million.

And another person who was going to delete 20,000 members has also decided not to do it in one fell swoop. Instead they are moving groups more quietly and discreetly, but when they are gone, there will be another 20,000 gone.

There are several images we have to show you here:

First, the Excel spreadsheet with actual counts.


Second, another Excel spreadsheet that shows the damage (deletions, some with numbers and some without) that happened in ONE 24-hour period, September 2, 2013.  I have not had time to count past mid-September yet, but by reading, glancing and estimating, I’d guess that thousands more are leaving every day.

Fled in One Day

I’m trying to stop the leak and right the Yatanic so we can choose to stay aboard or safely disembark and abandon ship.

If you see your name or match the time and date to a comment you made in either spreadsheet, please comment here and let us know. And spread the word to anyone you know who deleted a group to please come tell us the counts!

Thank you,

Nightowl >8#

Recently I discovered that the SAYNO2NEO group has also been keeping a tally! I was very impressed!  So I’m including their spreadsheet as well. I realize there will be duplications between theirs and mine, and I will work to consolidate the spreadsheets as soon as possible.  I just want you all to see what they did! WOW!


Of course, the tally changes by the day or even the hour, and probably a lot of groups have been deleted for which we don’t have counts, but hopefully this gives you a good idea of the rate at which Yahoo Groups is losing users.

Nightowl >8#


Count Sheet 010814

We finally were able to work with the SAYNO2NEO group’s stats and my own and combine them, hopefully removing, all duplicates.

We are now over half a million documented…and we’re still counting.

Nightowl >8#


4 thoughts on “Tallying The Exodus

  1. Owl wrote:>>Would you please give me the full name of the group, and the # of members for the tally?<<

    John Durbetaki wrote:"The group was AMMOMAN.COM and membership was just north of 50,000, but when the spam war erupted and shortly before it was deleted, it was 49,750-ish. This all happened on October 8, just a few days ago, according to the hundreds of emails in my trash folder<8#


  2. Update on the count:

    Just letting you know that as of today, 10/28/13, 3 more groups have been deleted with a combined total of 13,000 members.

    That now makes a total of 578,917 members gone.

    We’ll update the ticker as soon as we can.
    And we’ll update the stat sheet in a few days.

    Nightowl >8#

  3. Thank you for doing this. I have had the same Yahoo email address for about 13 years. On Nov 25th, 2013, I downgraded, and did NOT renew my Yahoo Plus.
    I have also successfully exported my 1,300+ contact list into my backup Gmail account (turned out to be pretty simple).
    Please inform your users that there is some sort of pro-rated refund if you downgrade from Plus to Free.
    I do plan to start sending emails to that list of advertisers.
    You want to hurt someone, or get their attention? If you punch them in the wallet hard enough, that can work sometimes.

  4. Received 10/31/13
    Hi, I’m a member of your modsandmembers group, and I have just deleted my Original RPG Ads group that had been running on Yahoo since 2004. We had 530 members at time of deletion. Thanks to Neo, I lost several of the tools I needed to maintain the group, and though I held out hope for some time that Yahoo might get the message and restore our old group interface, I just don’t have much hope any longer. I will remain a member of modsandmembers and keep my fingers crossed for a good outcome, but I’m afraid Yahoo isn’t going to listen.


    (Reposted for Lisa by Owl)

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