As of 11/18/13 at least 77 Yahoo Finance Users have quit using Yahoo, and still counting.

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To access theYahoo Finance Uservoice complaint forum click here.





This Yahoo Finance page has just been created and is under construction. We wanted to provide a place where you could post your comments, so if you want to leave a comment here, please do.

You can also go to Posting Guidelines for other ways to submit a story or leave a comment.

Any questions, contact me at the info below or join the group and ask.

Nightowl >8#
owlsy ( @ ) yahoo (dot) com
Mods and Members Yahoo Group

NOTE: We currently do not have anyone to head up this page. If you are interested, please let us know. You can make a comment on this page or you can contact Nightowl at @featheredleader or at owlsy (at) yahoo (dot) com for details.


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